Beginner DWC system information desired

I am 71 years old - i have grown in soil for 40 years indoors. My first DWC grow non circulating system. 8 5gal pots and 2 5 gallon reservoirs setup in two rows of 4. I had a hard time with figuring out the nuie regiment. I figure 40 gallons of water in system. If I add 4 gallons at time of adding nutes I cut the amount by 2’3rds and only put nutes in for the new water so for 4 gallons about 5-6 mil. My problem was the farthest pots got too much nute intake and burned. What can I do to alleviate this issue? My tap water is 6.5 and I add ph down to get it to 5.8 to 6. 2200 lumens per sq ft. Out of 8 plants I lost two to my inability to figure out what was going on. Also I just had to harvest one early because I gave it a direct shot of nutes trying to get it back into growing the buds - it shit the plant down and I didn’t want to lose the buds that were there.

How are you circulating the water between them… it kinda sounds like you want to do rdwc but not totally there yet… I dont like the separate bucket idea just for the reasons you just mentioned , also besides the feeding troubles it’s also hard to maintain the water temps from bucket to bucket…:wink:
Here is a picture of my solution to all of these problems and this system works like a charm…
I can give you more details if you think this is a road you might want to take… :wink:

It’s all DIY but if you don’t mind tinkering with things , I’m sure we can get you set up… :wink:

OMG I feel like giving up and I’m just starting out. All the information is doing my head in. Can’t work out all the abbreviations so confused.
Bought grow tent and accessories, plants are about 12 " high. Buds starting to appear. Bought the appropriate soil, grow bags and liquid feed. Thought that would be it, sit back and watch them grow, but no!
What is the picture above and do I need to start doing that too. Aaaaaargh! Lol!

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Dont let your self get overwhelmed… this is supposed to be fun and therapeutic… your plants can sence how you feel , always remember that… :wink:
As far as how you want to grow , ie , soil , soil less, dwc , rdwc in the ground… it really just depends on how much time you can devote to your plants , how much money you want to spend , how much room you have for your garden and how well you can control your environment… :wink:
I’ve been growing for a lil over 10 years now and everything that I do is just to make things easier for me and still be able to have the best medicine that I can provide…
For someone just starting out my best advice would be to get comfortable with growing and keep everything as simple as possible and get a couple of grows under your belt , before trying so many different things that you see… one thing for sure is that we all do things differently and still have good outcomes… you just need to find out what works best for you and try not to overthink things… most times commen sense is the easiest answer and you always have us here if you need more info… read as much as you can and check out some threads on here and you will find your way… :wink:
Best wishes my fellow cultivator… :grin:

Thank you so much. I will try to calm down lol!
I’m just scared I get it all wrong!
Great to have this forum to share all levels of experience.

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First few times out, it can be frustrating. Helps to keep a daily log of the grow and how much of what was done. Best to use one brand nutes. Start the feeding at 20% of suggested schedule and adjust as the plant shows results.
I would suggest you use the easiest strains to grow for your particular needs.

There is no circulation and thus my problem - don’t get me wrong I have 5 healthy plants that are bursting with buds - I was thinking of only planted 7 the next time and feed from both ends. The worst thing is being reactive rather than pro-active - I will do better this next one - I tend to be over attentive. The water in my area is made for soil and I have had many crops grown in soil here but was looking for something a bit easier as I got tired of the constant throw out the old before the next grow. And I hate baking soil :slight_smile:!

One pot would be easy - my issues were all caused by an 8 pot no circucation system - I also have a heat problem as there is no AC vent in the room and no windows - my temp ranges from 73-84 degrees. The black widow grew and I got decent return from each plant but not as much as with soil. The northern lights on the other hand are flourishing with some huge center colas and big buds at every node. No sign of heat trouble from them (I will post once the tricomes start to show) I posted hoping someone had a non circulating system with 8 pots and had figured out how to not over fertilize the farthest pots as they fill first. I will get it and if not I can go back to soil till I save enough to build a recirculating system. I will get it figured out and I appreciate the input.

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your main question is: how to feed ALL the plants equally.

My system is stand alone 5 gallons DWC. So, no immediate solution here.

However, betcha a Youtube search would turn up good answers.

a hundred bucks will get you a rdwc w/chiller. When I started 2 years ago, @peachfuzz was my mentor. Can’t go wrong following his advice. I tried running single 5 gal buckets, mostly I grew root rot from the water too warm.

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I have an 8 pot system - I use frozen mountain dew 20oz bottles if the water temp gets above 78 degrees. I/m gonna hit the plumbing supply store and check what it would cost to build a recirculating system for the 8 pots. I had root rot issue but Hydroguard took care of it. Thanks for the input!

I am the Quizart Hadarock!


Yup. @peachfuzz and @bryan have some wicked grows in RDWC… whenever I graduate from soil i plan on picking their brains


Anytime my friend… :wink:

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