Beginner cloning in rock wool

Question, is it normal for algae to grow on top of rock wool? Before adding the transplants into the wool, I soaked the rock wool in 7.2 PH water and added a pinch of great white mycorrhizae. Then I added clones rooting gel to the stem of the clone before adding it to the rock wool. Did I do something wrong. Should I dispose of these?

Soak it in 5.5 - 6.0 ph - the reason being that there is residual lime stored from the manufacturing process of the Rockwool which will leave it about 1.0 ph higher. Are you leaving the dome on at all times for the first week? (Minus wiping the dome down once a day to remove any water) after that slowly vent more and more each day For a week until you take the dome completely off for 2 days. are you adding additional water? The idea is for the rockwool to slowly dry out which encourages root growth so really don’t want to have to add more water unless dome does not have condensation on it. Looks like you have some roots on one - but try these steps see if you get a higher clone rate :+1:


Thanks. Actually I have been removing the dome daily for about 10 mins though. The dome does keep condensation. I have not Removed any of the condensation from the lid, but it does somewhat dry when the dome is removed. I will slowly start to open the vents. I will also PH the water at a lower PH too.

The ph is just presoaked before you set clones in shouldn’t need to add any water once you set clones in. Another trick is to “double dip” - use a liquid gel (clonex) and a powder(any rooting hormone with indole-3-butyric acid)

I’m right there with ya - hoping to get all these bad boys to root :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks bro! :pray::crossed_fingers:

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