Beginner Bruce Banner Autoflower grow

Have to agree here. I had one like that and raised the lights to make her stretch and she looks pretty sweet now a month or so later.
4" high (with LST). Had to fold down the edge of the planter.

Now about 2 ft tall. It grew about an inch a day for 10 days straight and started flowering.
Front right in photo.


dbrn32 thanks !!! I would ask how much higher you would put the light? It’s at 20 inches right now… at 100%

8-10" and see how that goes.

raised the lights and voila got some height growth. Also I think some flowering happening…

Thanks @dbrn32 for the advice…


Looking good, how old are they now ? might want to start some LST to open up more bud sites ?

Day 35 Oct 12th @VOL4LIFE @Graysin @Kingkupa anyone else take a look or tag I’ve got NO IDEA what to do with these now. Going well, I think. That pipe is 24" giving DLI of 50 all around last time I looked.


Wow, those look GREAT. Great job, I’m a newbie so wait for others who know more but I would start to try some LST, maybe clean up the bottom. To let better light penetration. But great job

Exactly what @Kingkupa said - time to start snipping excessive fans and if you want, training them horizontally so they have better overall light penetration.

My first attempt at LST was a learning curve , I did a little more week by week. Same with trimming, do it bit by bit, read on a thread never more then like 30% a one time. After good trimming, feed that day, before, after