Beginner Bruce Banner Autoflower grow

The manufacturer is probably referring to photos not autos. 12/12 is not necessary for autos.

You may be wanting to get it too “perfect”. For home growers it is better to just “listen” to what your plant is telling you to do rather than be bound to “research says do this”.

I agree with @Graysin

also agree on this timeline.

Nice “buttons” on the verge of being full blown buds. Maybe a week into early flower?



All good points and I thank you. I guess my question about the lights, DLI and on/off goes the essence of - am I trying to mimiic nature? does being 150% DLI (normal DLI sunshine is 60 I’ve read) light make something better or worse? Someone said somewhere that DLI too high can make plants foxtail so does 45 DLI mimic nature better> more healthy? does the 6 hours extra of dark 6 hours less of light do something BESIDES kick the plant into flowering in a photo or are there other things that happen during the increased dark to help flower size, density strengthTHC, or anything that might effect an auto plant, too. Would 24 hours of light through the end do anything detrimental? All questions I’d love to know!!!


I think you got sound advice from the people above. I couldn’t agree more with having to read the plant a bit. I don’t see any indication that your light needs to be moved. Do you have burnt buttons or leaves we can’t see? Your doing a good job and your plants look happy bro. As for the bloom booster I cannot speak for what you have because I never used it. I use big bud and overdrive when I flower in soil. Haven’t used it yet in my auto pots but really should.

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Just to touch on the light question. It is my understanding that plants can only absorb so much light in a given day so running it 24 hrs might not be worth it. I do believe it has to do with dli output over a period of time. @Nicky @Not2SureYet @MattyBear @dbrn32 might be a better candidate to explain it better then me. I think with my hlg 260’s I could run 12/12 and my plants would be getting the light that is required.


@Capt.Cola yeah along those lines… so if the plants reach maximum sunlight and all the extra is just electric bill, does the “dark” matter, too. If you’re getting the photosynthesis maxxed out after, like 14 hours, lets say, does the extra time under the lights do anything else? does one hour of dark, versus 4 v 6 hours of dark change anything at all? thats my curiousity, I don’t have time to run 4 rooms with all these trials to say one way or the other… Thanks for your input.


All excellent q’s and well worth study and contemplation. All I have been able to learn so far is vague and general like some dark is essential to good plant health. Also hear things like @Capt.Cola mentioned…

I am sure someone would say a specific number but who’s to say that is right for me and my 1000 different environmental issues from yours.
My “seat of my pants” grow:
I am currently using 2 half ass(apparently) lights, a messy home-made dirt/compost/fresh and used potting soil mix, half a tent and miracle grow bloom booster. I just harvested a qp in 10+1/2 weeks from seed. Very low-tech and without all the DLI,VPD charts,Rh and temp regulators.
I should mention that I could give a rat’s ass about award winning results and that extra 5% yield, as long as it is getting the job done.
Although a vote in the BOM contest wouldn’t make me mad…October 2021 Bud of the Month - #46 by AfgVet


From what I understand no the extra time under the lights would not really be doing anything. Having a break from the lights is good for the plant even though technically it could run on 24/7. One of the others I tagged will chime in soon.


@HMGRWN LO YOU GOT IT BUDDY! thanks for the insight. I’m trying to keep it simple, myself and my philosophy is very similar. If I get something to smoke and it aint half bad, I’m happy as a clam, esp on my first grow. I am only 7 weeks into this, 9 if you count pulling the trigger on 2 lights and buying soil and seeds on the internet but those 7 weeks of plant growth feel like ages and it would be heartbreaking to NOT get a good bud, or two out of it. you know what I mean. Hecck everyone reading this knows what I mean.

I do on the other hand really want to understand whats what in this because of my curious nature and if something does go awry I’d like to gain knowledge as it happens! You got my vote, friend!!!


Wow been reading along so let me throw my 2 cents in. DLI, if u can reach daily limit and not have to run 24/7 I would advise that. Reasons 1 not running light 24/7 save wear and tear on equipment and excess in others areas. Think your light runs, more heat, more use of fans, ect. to cool space back down. Also listen to a podcast can’t remember exactly but weed plants take 2 hrs of darkness to completely rest, Something about there “ respiration rate” ? Big believer all living things need a break. So did mine with 3-4 hrs of dark a day. Harvested just over 1 oz a plant first timer, REMEMBER
2 On using DLI, you said bottom buds have lower levels of DLI correct. LST, or open all them up, tie down taller branches. Or clean everything off the bottom 1/3 of plant. All the little buds will take away from your main areas
Good luck


Seems like everyone here is on the same page.

4hr darkness minimum for a auto is what I’ve learned, knowing your DLI will help you learn if you can run it 18hr rather then 20 or whatever scedule.
In the winter I like to run 20hr for a stable warm environment in the summer I prefer less hours due to hear issues.

The strength of the lighting will have alot to do with how low on hours one can run while still getting the plant enough energy


The true dli of your space will be found on ppfd average of the canopy. My guess is that it would be nowhere near 90 on 12 hour schedule.


You’ve got sound advice from everyone here. Like most said, you are still early early in flower. Plants look good! Don’t stress, remember those ladies survive outdoors, things eat them pee on them, wind rain… They’re tough, go with what you see, if they look healthy, they are. I have found that they love to grow 40-50k lux regardless of DLI so far. So I am trying to run them from 40-50k lux 18/6hrs. So far they are responding well and I have a huge canopy of buds on my 2nd plant. Thanks to the help from everyone here! Keep asking questions, I did, but dont panic!


a little housekeeping, cleaned out the closet, got rid of the baby pool. Trimmed some leaves. Told my wife we didn’t need a Christmas tree this year. She wasn’t as humored as I was. She said, let me guess you smoked a bowl and thought that would be funny right? As I’m rolling on the ground laughing. Plus my grow setup for posterity and new digs for my plants. Heavy on the anticipation…


This is great. My mother in law would support this. :laughing:


Sounds like something I would say. Your wife response, something my wife would say Lol
I think its a great ideal, looks like 1 hell of an x-mass tree to me, wonder what Santa would leave for you under that tree ?

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best close up I can get. seems to be my most addvanced plant. Anyone have any comments? THANKS!

@Graysin @VOL4LIFE @Kingkupa @NewtoGrowing @dbrn32 @Nicky @Capt.Cola @Stonedrus


Very nice button. Is that a cola/top? Looks tight. Hairs are getting a hint of color to them. Early frost showing up as well. :+1:

Now just set back and watch from week to week how they change. Flower power baby, good job

Looking good keep it up!

Plants look good, I’d say you have another 3 weeks or so, you’ll see them explode next week!