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When counting age of Auto Flowers or regular PH ones. When you place it in water or paper towel, well when you start the germination process or when it pops out of your medium? This would be a huge help thanks.

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I do it from when it sprouted through the ground but it’s going to be 2-4 weeks longer then advertised 90% of the time


Yeah I also count day one when I have a Seedling popped through the soil. As @GreenSnek mentioned breeders guide is only an estimated time , in perfect conditions.


August 5th when my autos sprouted. Im harvesting as we speak. Ilgm site says 60 days., Im around day 90 lol


The 60 is flowering time estimate. So if you add the normal / avg time for an auto to flower you are closer to the advertised seed to harvest time than most. How did you check the trichomes for harvest?


I use a micro scope that was recommended. It’s not the best , but I can see that the trichomes are all milky and a good 20-30 percent of them are already brown and amber. Alot of the buds changed color also, which scared me, but they look good at least


Autos do their own thing. People count the age from when it “pops” which is coming out of the dirt after the germ. For me, my autos have all been around 3 months all together. And I’ve got around 6 oz, I believe, finishing the drying in jars before i weigh it completely. From 3 ak47 plants and 1 zkittlez. All autos.


Thanks everyone for the reply’s. I think I’v stunted their growth with not enough light. I put one in water on the 19th and when in 24 hours the little tail popped out I decided to put 5 more in to germinate. Doing 3 in soil and 3 in hydro. I put my soil fabric pots in the sun during the day, starting yesterday. I was thinking about purchasing a grow light from walmart that was around $40 it says it’s 2000 watts and has everything, light wise, you need for seedling, veg, and flower. Do you think it’s too late to get a light for these?

Shaggy, type of light did you use and if you don’t mind me asking what kind of grow space? Was this your first grow or are you super experienced? I’m doing this on a super tight budget. my plants look good, a little stretched but moved light closer and I don’t think they are “stretching” anymore but growth seems really slow.

Hey, @Hareesa. What kind of set up do you have? I’m curious to know how others start and images if you have them. Thanks.

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So far I have only grown autos outdoors, so far. I plan on purchasing lights in next few weeks, I still have 20+ seeds🥳 I’m looking at hlg mainly, buy maybe spider farmer or migro because of budget.
As far as the autos I’m harvesting, the majority of their life has been outdoors, I began them inside under a cheap seedling light I use for my vegetable seeds. Transplanted them in 5gallon air pots and transitioned them outside. I think 3 gallons would have been fine. I only brought them in under severe circumstances, storm etc. The last 3 weeks I would bring them in at night because of the weather and supplement with my seedling and red lights. In comparison to alot of other plants, they are fairly easy to maintain. But u have to give them a look over a couple times a day for sure. I only topped one of them, which is going to harvest last by a week, but I should have topped them all when I look back. I learned that autos will grow under many conditions, but u need the top materials, equipment and conditions to get top quality and yield.
I will post when I have a full indoor setup soon.

Thanks. It’s good to hear how others are growing. About 20 years ago I bought the whole set up. 1999-2001, can’t really remember exactly. I bought some fem. seeds, a hops light that at the time was $499 can’t remember wattage and such but I monitored everything and I was going by info out of a thick book called the Grow Bible, can’t remember the Author. Lol, I can’t remember much, huh. Anyway, I smoke very little and actually had never smoked when I started growing. I just wanted to see if I could do it, and How well I could do it, by reading and teaching myself. Very, very, little internet back then…I had kept pictures for years and somehow lost them. But my husband of 10 years had seen the pictures and he said they were amazing and knowing what I know now they looked beautiful, no hermaphroditism, (had that on my first grow) I even topped them. I had to throw them out about 2-3 weeks before Harvesting and never tried again until just recently.
Well, this is the first time since then.budget keeps me from purchasing great grow lights and I’m wondering how that is going to effect my current grow of autoflowers. And wondering if I’ve already stressed them to the point of an awful yield. I can’t wait to see pictures of your grow and sorry it took me 4 days to log back on.