Beginner Auto Flower Outdoor help - Gorilla Glue Auto


I am a newbie who started germinating 10 seeds about 2 weeks ago ( beginning of Oct ). I used the papertowel method and transferred to Root Riot pods and placed in a humidity doom with heat pad. A couple questions ( or guidance ) I have …

• Planning on doing these outdoors, 5 gal pots in Southern California - When would be the best time to move them from the dome to the pots ?
• Planning on using Fox Farm ocean soil - thoughts ?
• Nutrient schedule ?
• I get good direct sunlight , but will my light be an issue as we get into winter ?
• Any suggestions would be very welcomed - Thanks!

First off when you do transplant them bury all of that lanky stem. I use ocean and happy frog, ocean is a lil hotter so keep that in mind. I’ve been fortunate and have even had seedlings come up in it ocean but I prefer the hf for small guys. LoL girls rather. I honestly don’t know much about planting out of season - by October they are finishing up. You’ll also need to harden them off giving them a little more sun each day one by one instead of just plopping them outside in the sun. Someone else will come along from cali but they are gonna go right into flower if you don’t supplement w artificial light.

How long can I get away keeping them indoors and in the pods under the seedling light / dome to maximize the additional light before bringing them outside into larger pots. Also, not sure if this helps or changes anything, but I have the doom with light under a window so its also getting natural light right now in addition to the UV