Beginner at 10 weeks in veg for an auto?

Hey guys
I’ve posted this on a couple different forums for suggestions.
I’m hoping I might get some help / advice on what I’m dealing with. Firstly, seems as though I didn’t do nearly enough research into the importance of quality seeds from quality breeders. Here’s what I got:
Jack Herer auto by Canuck Seeds
5 gal fabric pot with only FFOF
150W full spectrum LED grow light ($39 from Amazon)

Here’s my 10 week old autoflower??

Obviously I’ve done some beginners work LST and defoliating but she has always responded well. Anyways with her being 10 weeks old and just the first hint of pre flowers, I’m beginning to wonder if this might not be a photoperiod plant. Almost forgot I had be on a 24hr cycle until just the last week or so and switched to 12/12 after reading some suggestions.

Please let me know your thoughts, advice, etc. I don’t want to give up on her because she seems to be a healthy plant but if I’m just wasting my time then I guess the plug may need pulled.

Can’t wait to hear from you all

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I don’t think you are wasting time you are learning after you started should have been before but here you are. Like you said you didn’t do enough research before going for it. I’m just gonna guess that you have photos not auto because an auto will start to flower in 3 - 6 weeks. I don’t know where you got the seeds but Canucks is top shelf one of the best in the world. See how your leaves are reaching for your light, this is happening because they are starving for more light. Now they will grow to harvest just like you have em but I’m guessing again you probably won’t get an ounce from each one because of lighting or I should say lack of lighting. Again I don’t think you are wasting time just wanted to tell you what to expect before you get to the end and never want to grow again because you are disappointed and pissed off. I suggest that you continue this grow read some articles on training and bend the shit out of a branch HST (High Stress Training) and watch what happens and learn, maybe tie a branch over LST, or cut a branch off and try to get it to root as a clone. In other words play with em a little until they are done smoke whatever you get, all along save up some cash to buy you some better equipment and you’ll have some real experience to possibly grow you a half pound next time. I hope that this will help you out a little, good luck and if you have more questions @ me I’ll do my best to help you out.


I said all of that thinking you are like me in that you can’t just run out and spend a thousand dollars, hell you might be a millionaire. If so I can maybe help you spend a little bit of it… lol


@MeEasy - just a heads up - be careful not to promote other banks, it’s an infraction per the rules of forum. Wanted to give you a chance to edit it - might not be I’ll let one of the moderators decide @latewood @dbrn32

@Tcmiller3 - you see all that larf - thin, wirey material growing on the lower portions of your plant? Go ahead and remove that - it’ll never catch up to terminal colas and will raise your chances of mold, fungus growth when you head to flower (you want good airflow through your plant)

Like @MeEasy suggested - train you plant a little spread it out maybe top the terminal cola to create a flat table like canopy. Switch over to 12/12 after she heals and you’re ready to go. (Btw autos would stay at 18/6 - not going to reveg and you want to Max the light you have since they don’t take as long to mature) good luck and great job m8👍 Ps don’t give up!! She looks great just needs a little tlc

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Good reply aside from I want to voice my opinion on Canuck seeds, they are rip offs of the best breeders so I and many don’t support them.

Your lighting is the issue for sure. Your going to need 125-200w per plant of true power (look at how many wats it uses not what it’s rated for.


I apologize for mentioning them I in no way was trying to promote their company. It was just my opinion of them. I’m to late to edit my post so I guess I’ll find out if I did something wrong. Thank you for telling me about it and again I apologize.

Hey man no sweat - I’m not exactly a huge fan of this rule but I think your response shows you didn’t mean any malice in your post and I’m sure the moderators will be very lenient and understanding like they always are. Nothing to worry about I’m sure :+1:

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Mentioning isn’t a violation in terms of forum policy, links would be unacceptable though.


Thanks for your for your suggestions, they are appreciated. Your comment about being disappointed and pissed off is exactly what I want to avoid. In your opinion, should I just stick with 12/12 lighting? If so, how long? What should the flowers look like before I quit 12/12? Again, I really appreciate the help.

You said that they were autos but that they wouldn’t flower until you switched to 12s which hints to them being photos and photos have to stay at 12/12 or they will stop flowering and veg again. It would be up to you if you want to try to go back.

So, if I don’t want to slip back into veg, stay at 12/12 till harvest?

I don’t know what has happened except what you have told me and imo if you grew them for 10 weeks and no flowers started then they are photos. If this is the case I would pull the taller branches over and try to make the top as flat as I could trim up the bottoms of anything that won’t get light. Bring your light down over the top about 15 inches from the tops and keep em fed and watered. If you can spend a couple hundred bucks on some lights it will help or even better put em outside, but you are still looking at a small harvest. You jumped into this before buying the equipment necessary to grow MJ. I wish I could give you better news but I’d be lying

Just like the government easy to spend others money :rofl::joy::joy::rofl:

Okay everyone, I’m hanging in there with these plants. I ordered a more substantial light BUT it is not working correctly. Only the ‘bloom’ lights are working, the ‘veg’ lights (blue) aren’t working. I’ve ordered a replacement. The light says to have both ‘veg’ and ‘bloom’ lights on. Is it okay that I am running the ‘bloom’ only until I get a replacement? I’m assuming that some light out of the fixture is better than none. Thoughts? I’m still doing 12/12 and invested in a timer so I’m consistently getting 12/12. I haven’t really mentioned the smaller plant which is about 2 weeks behind the other plant but I’m guessing it is also a photoperiod plant and not an auto?
Smaller plant is also from Canuk and is sour diesel.
I’ve added some new pics for comments. I’m trying guys.

Both plants:

11 week plant:

9 week plant:

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You’re right some light is better even all red but get the other one on em as soon as you get it. Another suggestion would be to clean up around the bottom of your plants the light is not gonna make it down there to get anything out of it. Here’s a pic of how I do mine it’s about the bottom 1/3 of the plant I clean off completely


Awesome. Thanks for the advice. From looking at the progress of the smaller plant at 9 weeks, would you think it to be a photoperiod as well? Both were supposed to have been autos.

The only way to know is if they flower without switching your light schedule to at least 12 hours of dark. See a auto doesn’t depend on a light schedule at all to flower it will flower on a 24 hour light period but a photo needs 12 hr dark min to start

Hypothetically, if the younger plant is an auto, would it still be safe to remove so much foliage?

Here’s a link to a tutorial on training autos if you’re interested

Trimming up the bottoms won’t hurt em autos or not just start at the bottom and work your way up cutting off a little bit every few days to keep from shocking em.