Beginner 2x4 grow

I count flowering days since switching to 12/12, same for nute companies. If it’s been 3 weeks since the switch then you should be using week 3 of flowering nute schedule.


Okay I fed week 2 nutes and forgot to mix the damned big bud in !! What should/can I do ? I know I’m only supposed to use for week2-4 @Hellraiser

Could I feed another 1/4 dose and just add 4ml(big bud) in then, and then wait till Saturday to continue schedule.

I would just continue on with the schedule and not try to make up for it, no biggie.

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until there are decent bud sites and bud production, the plants still want alot of veg nutes - like nitrogen.

If you dont see leaves turning colour or dying off youre in the clear my friend, dont worry too much.

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thanks for the tag!

also, if you did keep feeding nitrogen into flower for a bit that can contribute to more leafy growth. i see you’re using AN. i used them my first grow and I think I tapered off and switched to bloom in the first week after flip. but it is confusing. some synthetic companies have transition formulas.

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I got about 8 ounces off these 2 bad boys !!


holy cow, man. those are some fat colas for 2x4 grow! congrats on the harvest!