Beginner 1st time growing

Hey guys this is my first time growing and from what I’ve read on these forums so far has me kinda worried about a few things I’ve done already. My main concern is, I’ve just re potted my plants into 15L pots and switched from the 400w MH veg light to a 400w Hps bulb and have now put them on 12hr cycle after 6 weeks in veg. Have also given them their first feed of bloom fert. My question is, because I have jumped the gun a bit too early and put the plants in flower cycle immediately after re potting, would this have any major (disastrous) impact on the yield come harvest time? Any information would be helpful thank you!

Only issue you might see is a slow transition period to full flower if she has any transplant shock. Other than that you’ll be good.


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@Bobbydigital Thank you for the reply! I was thinking I may have made a big mistake but thanks again.

@Unknown hey thanks!

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