Begining of light burn?

I noticed these leaves starting to curl on the edges of the leaves yesterday when I got home. Not sure if its light burn or high nute issue. I had 2 issues going on when I got home. Around 3 weeks in to flower. First was nutes had shot up to 1740ppms so i dropped it down to 1200 ppms. 2nd, before i left I turned lights up a 1/4 turn. running a hlg550v2, 2100a driver. 28 inches from canopy in a 4x4 tent. I am only seeing this on some of the top leaves thats making me think its the start of light burn. I did turn the lights back down until i can figure it out.

Other than that, the plant is looking great


I think your issue is too high of nutrient. Drop down to about 800ish


What’s your high and low Temps and RH?

Are you in coco or soil? This will better determine what your ppm’s should be.

@HornHead has more experience in coco and I’m more of a soil grower but use a pure hydro chart (seen below) but good catch on your plants.

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@Nicky low temp is 68 and high is 77 and RH flucuates from 35-40. I grow in volcanic (lava rock) rock, ebb and flow system. ph is spot on at 5.8

Think you’re just out of range on vpd. Might try bringing humidity up a touch if possible.


@ggc1962 your Temps are good,
Bobbydigital beat me to the VPD chart so I echo his advice here.

That’s a medium I don’t have experience with, but if your able to check your roots then do to ensure there is no start of root issues.

What’s your nutrient line?
I think 1200ppm is good for now although you could probably push it a little harder.
The curl is very minor but good to keep on top of it and start figuring it out now.

As you can see ppm range is debatable, above you seen chem gro’ s recommended ranges (with cal mag keep in mind)

And below you see fox farms and General. Hydroponics

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@Bobbydigital set humidier to 50% see how it goes for a cpl days. Thnx for the chart. @Nicky roots look good,
I am using AN jungle juice(used it many times with no issues) , Yea, curl is minor, just never seen this type of curl b4. Tryin to stay on top of it. I have best results in lava rock, kinda old school but things seem to stay stable


They got you with the vapor chart. Everything else looks good :v::bear:


Good to see you back man, missed you around here for a bit it seems