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Hello everyone. First post although I’ve been lurking for a while just reading.

Background. Old fart who’s never smoked, eaten, drank, rubbed, touched or for that matter, even seen, apart from photos on this forum, marijuana/cannabis. So, what am I doing here you might ask?

The answer lies in the old fart description. Dodgy knees, Skin cancer (not melanoma) and insomnia (can’t switch off). I’m not looking to get high, bombed, stoned, or whatever you want to call it, (not at this stage anyway (:wink:)), but looking to grow plants from seed to make oil that I can use topically, (Rub on) I have not as yet bought any seeds or equipment I’ll come to that later.

I’ve got a million questions of course but I’ll ask these one or two at a time so as not to bore everyone to death. I’ve been reading a bit about Rick Simpson oil, not sure how it differs from any other oil, and I’ve come across a couple of conflicting articles. One says the plant should be high in THC and another high in CBD. So, first question is. Which is correct, THC or CBD.

Let’s start there. Thank you to those who read this and even bigger thanks to those who respond with an answer.


I dont have any answers for your questions, but I know someone will come along with them, but I would like to say;
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The two cannabinoids work together to put it simply. There are several hundred 300? Cannabinoids CBD and THC are the ones people talk about mostly. The ratio of these can affect the effect you get from the body’s natural pre existing endocannabinoid systems response when interacting with these compounds that trigger complex reactions in our bodies. You can read more about the edocannabinoid system here and here.

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Thanks for the welcome and reply. So each of these cannabinoids affect each individual differently. Is that correct? In my case what would you recommend?

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I wouldn’t say each differently… but in general terms speaking of the two well known ones: THC is there psychoactive of the two CBD more of an anti inflammation element. Can also calm user even in a topical I believe. My main point is the two work best together synergisticly. Read those articles it’ll help shed light on the subject. @blackthumbbetty would be the one I’d ask about concentrates and extension or edibles.

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Thanks neofirebird I might consider one of each and see what happens.

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Your brain has CB1 and CB2 receptors. THC and CBD cannabinoids bind to these receptors causing reactions in the system. The endocannabinoid system is in every human even if they never used weed out cannabis. The body had countless ? Cannabinoids it creates going about daily business. So to speak.

Well I’ll go ahead and put my two cents in. The better question would be to know exactly what you’re looking to get out of it. It sounds like to me you are looking for something to ease the pain in your knees as well as help get some sleep so you would probably find the most comfort in having two separate strains, one high in CBD for inflammation, if you were to make your own RSO then apply to your knees directly. The other would be a medium to low THC strain with a relative CBD content. This would be best applied to the neck preferably behind the ear, as to enter the brain more rapidly. It can be hard to pinpoint exactly which strain works best so look up strains on leaflly for their specific effects and make your best judgment. I’d recommend a high CBD sativa and a low THC indica but do your own investigating happy hunting

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You’ll always have a combination of cannabinoids - that combo gives each strain their effects.

Thanks again for the prompt replies. I’ll have a look at leafily and see what I can come up with and come back for opinions on selection.

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Rick Simpson oil was developed decades ago, using rudimentary cannabis science and the equipment easiest available at the time. Originally, it was made using naptha and THC dominant cannabis. Nowadays, just about any non-smokeable cannabis extract made with ethanol can be called RSO, but generally it refers to the thick, black, THC goo, processed at high temps, used to treat cancer and other medical conditions. FECO, is fully extracted cannabis oil made with ethanol and is basically the same as RSO, but processed at much lower temperatures. Both of them tend to be about 65% cannabinoids, give or take, due to the fact that they “traditionally” contain lots of unfiltered waxes/lipids. FECO can contain CBD, THC, or any combo, while purists insist it must be THC heavy to be RSO. RSO typically connotes decarboxylation, while FECO can go either way, depending on use.

Some people insist it’s not RSO/FECO if you filter out those waxes/lipids, so super clean and filtered oil is usually referred to as CCO or concentrated cannabis oil. It can be derived many ways, but in my opinion ethanol is the easiest for the home mad-scientist. :grinning: A clean ethanol extract can be upwards of 80% cannabinoids! Because of its purity, CCO can be smoked…and should taste amazing. It can be decarbed or not, depending on your use.

If you don’t want to get high, go for something like a 3:1 ratio of CBD:THC for sublingual dosing. The higher ratio of CBD will help minimize the psychotropic effects of THC, while still allowing you to benefit from THC’s medicinal effects. Here’s a guide to dosing:

Project CBD is a great all-around resource to check out!

For a topical treatment, CBD has been found in studies to reduce the size of tumors when applied to, and kept in near constant contact with, the tumor. Scientists say it works by cutting off the blood flow to the tumor. This is still being studied, but the results look promising.

You’ll want to familiarize yourself with these 4 terms/ideas to help you decide which strain is best for you:
Entourage Effect

Once you check out those terms, let us know what you think or if you have any questions. This is all very subjective. You can completely tailor this to fit your exact needs.


I hope that makes sense. I always hit send before rereading what I wrote.


That’s the best breakdown of info I’ve seen yet!


Thanks @blackthumbbetty I knew to tag you in here :sunglasses:

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Very nicely said. I bookmarked it.


Thanks blackthumbbetty, I’m absolutely gobsmacked. Apart from me, I’m sure a lot of people on this forum will get a heap of mileage out if that information. I’ll try and digest all that and get back to you shortly. Thanks also to other for the welcome.


You’re very welcome!


My wife and I use thc cream, Im sure it has some cbd in it because most weed has some anyway. Its pretty rare for weed to have zero cbd. The way our cream is made is to decarb or pre cook the weed the same way you would make butter for cooking edibles. The cooked product is then simmered into cocoa butter and shae butter, sone essential oils are added to mask the odor of weed. This cream works beautifully as a topical, however, you would only get stoned if you ate it! Works for muscle strain, sore or damaged tendons, rheumatoid arthrits but not osteoarthritis. I couldnt say what the efficacy would be for skin cancer? Wouldnt hurt to try.
Now… before you go spending your money on expensive but crappy gear please read about lighting for plants, read about metal halide, high pressure sodium, florescent, compact florescent and LED. You need to have a good grasp of what light is and what plants actually need. Also, you can vegitate plants with less light but what does it do? Cause stretching? You can make bud with less light but what do you get? Less bud, airy garbage weed?
My advice is after you have done some lighting research, consult @dbrn about what light/s would suit your situation. Once you know what light you wish to use, then you build an environment… room or tent, ventilation, heat or air conditioning, humidity control, air movement or internal fan/s, timers, grow medium ie. Hydroponic or soilesss or even organic? You need ec pen and ph pen and lastly some sort of food for your ladies.
Good luck and enjoy your journey! Any time we can help just holler by placing the @ symbol before the person you wish to contact.
Be well!


Welcome to the forum why don’t we see if @blackthumbbetty can help you she’s been telling me how to make oil. :sun_with_face:

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