Begginer needing some guidence please!

Im a real rookie at this and i would love if some of you guys can guide me thru the difficult times if any i hope not many journey. Im super excited, so much so, that i have messaged the seed people like 4 times asking if my package can be expedited quicker., lol! What a pain in the ass the reps must think of me but i promised to stop and be patient. Which is obiusly sonething that my medical cannabis helps me with. Any who, they said that it will ship out before the end of day, so im grateful and feeling a little bit better.

Well guys hope that some of you will please help me on this journey at growing these beautiful plants Gods gift to us!! Love it! Much appreciated!

Im wondering whether im going to need a humidifer and CO 2. Everthing else i think im good in regards to the equipment. I think!! Well actually i hope!! Lol! Im in NY weather so right about now its a bit colder than typical NY spring weather. Later i will get definte readings since im going to do a trail run of the equipment just to see what the temps run like and if anything needs tweeking i’ll sure find out by tomorrow afternoon the latest.


Welcome to the forum.

The grow bible is a good place to start.

If you are in North America you are more likely to need a dehumidifier this time of year unless you live in the desert.

CO2 is an advanced topic requiring very specific environmental conditions. Keep it simple. Learn the basics of growing cannabis first, then move on to those more advanced techniques. CO2 won’t help you at this point.

Stay focused on proper soils, learning what pH and PPM are, proper lighting, and so on.


welcome to the forum

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Welcome dood ,
You got some great people here to help.
Im half way thru my first indoor grow. I have learned so much from this forum. I can offer you this bit of advice from a new guy.
Keep it Simple !!!
Specifically, I use Jacks 321 Nootz.
It is almost idiot proof.
My observation here is that alot of new growers purchase a bunch of nootz, start mixing em up without understanding PH and PPM values and how they work, and then get on here with their hair on fire wondering why their plant is struggling.
Read that Grower’s Bible
Ask questions FIRST !!
Measure everything you feed your plants !!
You are in the right place !!
I would not have a decent grow going without the ILGM forum !!
Good Luck !!
Im a little over 4 weeks into flower.
Starting 2 autos while the Big Girls are flowering.


@THC73 Hi and Welcome to the Class! Totally digging your excitement!! Keep it coming!


Welcome to the community. :+1:

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Most important, yet difficult to do (as in do nothing).
If you start more than 4 seeds at one time and you are a newbie, you will be swimming with sharks.
Any mistake made, as you learn, will be punishment on your grow.
You should cruise ALL forum postings and read any that may be relevant to your grow.
I did the jump in method for this grow. BUY SOMETHING, from everybody and figure out what works.
The grow budget gets bigger, faster than the National Debt. All the cheap stuff needs or is getting replaced. I just ordered my second ACINFINITY CLOUDLINE T-6. One system can monitor one tent and the second system can monitor the second tent, remotely, with the two Bluetooth controllers (less gazing required for monitoring Temp, fans, RH. The smartphone app allows tracking the important parameters.
I posted this discount code under Grow Equipment

@THC73 the more you post and share, the more you will learn. Better than University tuition, not free because your time and equipment are valuable. Your NY area should be ok for summer growing, in JUNE and your seedlings should be ready then.


Welcome to your new happy place :blush:
You are going to have way to much fun …
Glad you are here. I am going to watch this for sure. Glad you’re so excited, the best is yet to come! Have fun


So, my advice is to keep it simple, and get a successful grow under your belt. Here’s what I do that is very easy, and effective. Get some happy frog soil, 5 gal. fabric pot, perlite, and fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3. Mix approximately 20% perlite in with the soil, and follow fox farms directions on how much fruit and flower to mix in for a 5 gal. pot. Then just top dress with the fruit and flower once a month. Make sure you have a good light, and start with lower light levels, and increase as it grows. And ask questions as you go along. This is an all organic approach. It’s what I’ve done on this plant. I also top dressed once with worm castings. Good luck.


Welcome @THC73 to the forum. Lots of great advice so let me just add mine 2 cents.
Monitor your environment! Keep your work area clean. Add a bug zapper and some UV lighting flower stage.

Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD), is an advanced metric that combines air temperature, leaf temperature, and relative humidity (RH) into a single unit of pressure.

Get a bluetooth capable Hygrometer so you can monitor and keep metrics of your grow environment.
Govee Bluetooth Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer, Room Humidity and Temperature Sensor Gauge with Remote App Monitoring, Large LCD Display, Notification Alerts, 2 Years Data Storage Export, Grey

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Welcome to the community. You will get some good insight here.

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I was on your shoes about 8 months ago.

I shook in my boots at every “event” on my 1st grow. . but these fine people guided me and mote importantly reassured me when needed. Had an excellent first grow.

Now I’m well into my 3rd one.

Good luck just listen to the consensus and keep it simple: ph, water cycle and nutes and you’ll get thru your first and then you van relax some thereafter


Thanks Mr. LateNightGardner for your advice. Does the cloudline T6 have all the same gauges or do you think its better to get hygrometer seperatly? Btw your plants look great!! Hope my seeds get here soon. Talk soon buddy! Take care and thanks a million!

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If your needing an inline fan, you do if you haven’t already got one, then the cloudline T6 would be an excellent choice.
It monitors and your can set triggers to activate your inline fan.
AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller, Bluetooth App - Ventilation Exhaust Fan for Heating Cooling Booster, Grow Tents, Hydroponics

Here’s my plants for this past grow.


@LateNightGardner what strain is that? Really interesting how dark the leaves are.


That’s amazing they look absolutely beautiful! You must be so proud! I can’t wait to get rolling!

I do own the T6 already. I been non stop buying stuff and i haven’t even started yet. I think im 2 grand in and im looking to drop around another grand within the next day or two, im just getting as much information as i can get so i can get exactly what is exactly neccessary.

Thanks for the quick response bud! Ttyl!

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Hey @Fieldofdreams thank you. I’m really proud daddy!!
Those are some ILGM Girl Scout Cookies Extreme.

I’ve added deep red and UVA lighting to my tent this past grow. I used two GSCE S1 seeds from prior grow from ILGM GSCE plant.
From those two plants I grew five clones.
Both mothers had the purple colors but the ‘B’ line even more so.
GSCE S1 Mothers

GSCE S1 Clones

After flush and 48hrs of darkness


Those are from a ILGM Girlscout Cookie Extreme plant that self pollinated. I think the power outage last winter in Texas, 48hrs mid grow, caused some mature plants to do that.
I got plenty of seeds so I grew just that line this past winter. Then clones two plants into five.



These are my GSCE Autos this morning, do you mind sharing some info about the additional lighting? I’m using a Vivosun 4000 led and up until your response thought I was cool with it alone lol. Do you think it’s too late for me to add some additional lighting to the mix? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Mad respect for your buds dude!!


Thank you @Fieldofdreams yours are nice and frosty. Gonna be some nice colas.
I have a 8x8 and use 2 HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000’s @ 480watts each.

I added some Deep Red and UVA lights this year. Ran them about a week before switching to 12x12 and the start of flowering.

I have four, one in each corner, 100watt Carambola 2 x 2 Foot LED Far Red Spectrum lights. I got mine on Amazon but also online at Walmart and Target
And one 100watt UVA in the middle up front of tent. I’ll be adding another for the next grow.
Black Lights HWay 100W LED Black Purple Lights Flood Light with Plug(6ft Cable) for Blacklight Party, Stage Lighting, Aquarium, Body Paint, Fluorescent Poster, Neon Glow in The Dark Night (2 PCS)
ILGM GSCE S1 mothers

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