Before LED grow strips and after Rusults - 0ne Week

Before Led set-up

AFTER 1 week.


What kind of strips are those? Great idea :smiley:

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Cool idea… but you are overwatering your lil girl… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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@peachfuzz I was just giving her enough so I could repot it into a 5 Gallon with the new set-up. Let her dry out for a week . the LED lights are actually auto mobile led strips and the above is a LED grow light. @MAXHeadRoom


I have been thinking about making a light with the strips. They are pretty cheap, come in red, blue, white…Even big box store sells the roll of them for under 15$. Way cheaper if ordered from China.
I am glad to see you getting creative with them. How many watts is the tube led?

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Thank you I appreciate that. Yeah they are cheap and to set up. I just couldnt make a decision on a light set up. Funds was not a issue, just kept being drawn back to the Leds set-up. Especially blue and red ones. This is all a rough draft. Just getting the basic idea set up until I get fancy lol. The plant is reacting better then any light bulb i have use. I use three differnt kinds and no matter how close i got it the plant. It would stretch. They were all led white screw in bulbs. So far so good. Can’t wait to see your set-up soon .

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Do you have electrical specs on the leds and power supplies?

The power of strip is too low, it is usually 12-18W/meter, hard to meet the needs when plant fast growing