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“here is my White Queen that I can not yet 100% sext and its temporary set-up till it can go in the big room with the known ladies I lifted her her skirt for you ,ph is always been at 6.5 and temp on day light 75f to 80f night 70f npk is always normal I mix my own food with main chem then pretest before feeding ,it’s in soil from dr. Earth POTting soil ,i hav ethe air filtration system i dint use the big blower unless i open the tent for long periods of times im using a booster ducting fan so there is no negative vacuum on the tent ,i have activated charcoal filters over the lower vents to keep out as much mold spores and animal fur Etc. I did notice the tips from the light I’ll have to somehow make room for 2 more feet of light space ,I never topped it I wanted it natural how I did cut the lower fan leaves they was 2ft round and had to go.”


It’s female. Here’s one of mine at 8 weeks

I know she’s female because she’s a clone from a female sour diesel.


I did not top it yet did you also get these little pre flower buds at all its nodes and all your stem nodes some are small and have a little wrist to them like mini tags and i was told them pods could be mistaken as males at pre flower ,it just makes me very concerned since in my big grow room my cotton candy fam ladies don’t look anything like this wq strain though it came from reg White Queen seed and would hate to throw it In and it pollinate all my cotton candy lady’s that I devoted a lot of time on them ?


They do that sometimes I see from reading a bunch of posts on this forum. Just something different about that plants genetics. Your picture looks like a pure sativa plant not hybrid. Yes I got those pre flower buds all over the plants. Especially since I’m holding my clones in veg longer until the new ILGM gold leaf and train wreck plants from seed catch up a little. search this forum for sexing plants and you’ll find several good things that will make you absolutely comfortable on what sex you have.


Awesome thanks so I can now be sure its a fem,yea and the seed bank I got mine from in Canada said its mostly Sat with some ind but after doing its background check Indica Dominant Hybrid 85% Indica / 15% Sativa mix strain is known as White Queen an is considered to be the most proficient strain that is related to White Widow.also known as it is called the “Empress” of the white marijuana strainsand and from what i find out about it gens is its a crossbreed of White Widow X Cinderella 99 strains,yea I notice its sativa trades but then noticed its short nodes spacing trades from indica ,you think something named like this would be feminized but then they considered them regular seeds,I poped 20 of these reg seeds after this one and they all came out the same trades I also took clones like you have and had after 60 days I put them in veg for 2 weeks then just placed them in with the mother plant 12/12 and the clones show all same specs like you said and this strain seems to be very Hardy clonning it takes roots very fast I left some clippings on a damp paper towel overnight and the clipping rooted threw the towel it blew my mind,this strain is definitely a late bloomer at giving us signs and It’s tricky since this strain always blooms from white veging then turns green and stems out or leaves out and such , I guess with this strain I just have to look out for green coffee beans for males and it can reach up to 79in tall if I left it I could wait for winter time and use it as a Christmas tree but then im renting my Grow space so.


Still reading but welcome to the forum!


So your saying this ain’t your first rodeo. I’m sure you’ll be just fine from the looks of the second picture of the cotton candy. And as @Fever said welcome.


I hate to say it Matthew but I would be cautious that might be a male…I could be wrong but like I said from that pic looks male


We need a side pic @Matthew1280 to be sure. @AmnesiaHaze could be right also. I don’t want you to ruin a grow from one funny looking plant. One of the mentors has a picture that shows below the preflower exactly what you should be looking for.


Ok when i its awake I’ll get a side hd pic for ya I did get a lil frustrated with it and did clip all fan leaves off so I can see its progress from the top branches .


Yea I see what your talking about :thinking: thanks bro it just may be a male but then it may be a lady should I give it 2 more days and keep a close eye on it or take it out to the woods I can’t bear to kill it is getting winter time and now gets around mid 30s outside at night.


I would separate before you move it when there is viable pollen, you don’t see it, but you could pollinate everyone in the same tent; if you did shake him when he has pollen that’s viable. If your space permits give him a separate home and contract his pollen to use on one specific cola of yours, to breed your own species! In the name of Science!


Them lady ccf seedlings I have there about 2 weeks old in a curtain separated you don’t think they could have lost their cherries at that age do you I did shake that wq a few times and had the seedlings curtain open a few times.


But I wouldn’t worry much, if your curtain blocks the space, your fine. Just don’t keep him in there in when you start flowering, your going to get seeds in your ladies son


Yes I did just notice them spades on that one pic you talked about some opened and look pretty cottonee inside them is this something I should worry about since pollen can be too small to see,or should I remove the young ladies and caliclean it all down,and rush out that qw.


I would be safe than sorry. Unless you want seeds for repurposed new strains


That would be a crazy nice strain cotton candy empress then I could pop them seeds and use some colloidal silver on some clones and make cotton candy empress fem seeds that would strengthen the flaws on the cotton candy strain ,but then that all takes a long time ,but atm I need to move that man and clean up before it violates my young ladies😣 what do you suggest to scrub up with incase of any pollen?


Thanks this forum is a great idea as long as we all keep it on the low with out posting Google map location pics or somthing,I feel free to learn and help others of what I have learned ,you all are awesome good people.:hugs:


First off let me say welcome to the forum
I wouldn’t cull the plant just yet if you have a separate area you can put it in I would do that to be safe it does look a bit supect but a few days under a 12-12 schedule will tell youbfor sure
Since you have other plants i would need lay it say
Ive culled my share over time hahaha


I separated him yesterday Sadly over night he bulked up some grapes soon as he woke up I found them .