BEETLES, Flea Beetles? How to RID THEM

I’ve been trying to find out what these beetles are on my plants all of a sudden. They are shiny beetles than are on the top leaves and seem to congregate. I found some pics and info that indicate they may be what’s called “Hemp Flea Beetles”. However, I’m having a hell of a time finding out the best way to GET RID OF THEM.

I read on one site that their lavae live in the ground and will eat the roots. The adults will eat the leaves. HELP! I want to get rid of these things asap before any further damage is done. Is there a product I can go buy at my local garden shop that might work? For BOTH topical and in the ground to kill the larvae?

Diatomaceous earth is one of the safest and most effective things you can use.

dnvest, Hello could you please put some pics of your plants on the pictures page on ILGM I am curious to see them since our girls are from the same place same seed strain we both are growing outdoors and both are newbies. My 2nd year.I will do the same.

Hello Ifraas. These pics are actually from over a week ago, but the latest ones I have. They are much bigger now. I took these pictures shortly after I tried to “FIM” some of my plants. I topped a few of them, and the rest of them I used the “FIM” procedure. I wasn’t sure if I did it right nor not, so I took pictures to show what the progress is looking like.

It seems that it really is better to FIM them, as opposed to just TOPPING them. The ones that I FIM seem to be bigger & more branches growing now.

You grew from the same strain seed? How are your plants doing? Any pics? I had trouble with the same seeds last year, only one made it out of 10. They sent me a whole new batch to replace them because it was clear there was something defective about the seeds last year (two years ago??) These are much better!

Oh my :twisted: Seems like we have a my plants can beat up your plants. LOL Thing; Going on.

Very nice plants. Nice setup dnvest :mrgreen:

Yes, very nice plants, Ifraas. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: I just went out and took pictures of how mine look now, compared to my previous pictures. They are about the same size as yours, and they look very much alike!

Are you planning to “FIM” or TOP any of your plants, or have you already? It doesn’t look like you have to worry about how big they get in your location, so you can make them go crazy if you want.

Mine are planted in the ground, but I think I probably have them too close together (some of them). I didn’t want to spread it out too far and be noticeable to neighbors, so I kept it compact.

These two pics are just to show how much mine have grown. BIG difference, these two pics side-by-side. These were taken about two weeks apart from each other…

Those are gorgeous. Very nice you must of gave them steroids,lol. And MR. LATEWOOD no war here we just have similar plants and no animosity.Just 2 growers swapping stories.I know what it is Latewood you are envious because we can grow outside…lol… I am having problems with my PH. It is way to high I am trying to bring it down gradually but its interfering with their feed schedule. dnvest I topped mine all ready. Whats the weather like where you are. It seems to me you have A very nice garden everything is so green.Here it is 95 and up to 103 somedays. Moderate amounts of wind…Thank-you for sharing with me.

I was just trying to keep things light hearted. :slight_smile: A bit of jest; Not trying to take things to seriously.

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Just a Suggestion for Outdoor Grows…
I’ve been growing outdoor on and off for many seasons…
As all us seasonal outdoor gardeners are aware, climate changes of the past decade have brought about many trials and tribulations each season…
Droughts… Wetness… Devastating storms… etc.,
One issue I encountered last season was the “Fungus Gnat”… not due to overwatering practices, but due to Rain, Rain and more damn rain during the month of mid-June through mid-July… this issue being a first for me.
I won’t go into great detail of how I finally diagnosed this problem which would be rather lengthy,… However, I want to recommend the “Yellow Sticky Pads”,… these will attract *Many harmful pests, not just the *Fungus Gnats… yet others also, so you can get control immediately without much if any damage to your plants.
These are inexpensive,… attaches to the bottom of your plant with a twisty. They will attract many negative pests… I will be using these every season… as they indeed do work well and will let one recognize what, if any pest issue arise…