Been taking the girls for walks outside

Well first generation clones 4 weeks 4 days into flower. Been acclimating them over the last several days during their 12 hour light cycle. Take em out when the light comes on if good weather. Back indoors before dark cycle starts.

They really seem to love it and have taken well.

Clones have been being acclimated as well


they look great. keep it up and you will smiling on the couch.

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Been on a perpetual grow since end of November. I harvested the plant way too early. Cardinal rule, cardinal rule, be patient.

I will take these out to week 9 if they cooperate. Was really cautious of bringing them outside as much as possible the next 3 plus weeks. Hopefully I can remain to keep them pest free.


That’s the real issue of moving plants indoors and out, pests.

Preventative measures like neem spray, (before flower) and h2o2 sprays can help though.

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Do you guys think bringing them out every good weather day for finishing the bloom is a good idea? Kind of concerned about pests but so far so good. Also at this point as the fan leaves start to yellow and die off should I prime them off so the plant focuses on bud building? Is it the fan leaves main job in life to photosynthesis sunlight to promote total plant growth during veg stage? I think I made a mistake at some point but all of the sugar leaves look great bud stems nice and green etc. At this point in its life cycle does it start to focus it’s efforts on photosynthesis from the sugar leaves to promote bud growth? Long winded and hopefully makes sense. I’m baked

Been inspecting thoroughly and using a 50/50 isopropyl alcohol/water spray for anything suspicious

trim the yellowed n dry leaves…then you can monitor any new discoloration.

they look better too

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Hey; mind if I follow along?

I would discontinue alcohol in flower as it melts THC. Straight 3% peroxide sprayed works fine if you couple it with something like Safer BtK or Captain Jack’s Dead Bug: both are bacteria strains harmless to humans and pets but lethal to caterpillars, mites, thrips etc.

I have been doing this exact technique for almost the time I’ve been growing. I call it a “Hybrid Grow” technique lol. I do it to save on electrical costs and because I like to futz with the plants.

Also; pick up some horticulture cloth for sunny days when the caterpillars and moths want to land on your plants. You can cover them in that to eliminate any caterpillars.

Here’s a shot of a recent grow I did:


Awesome! They look wonderful!

I will be putting one of me pop up screen tents to prevent cortonwood fuzz and majority of pests out. The sides are separate from the top so I think I’ll buy a mosquito net. For the top

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Hey welcome!! Looks great

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Thanks for letting me know. Thankfully I haven’t had to spray them since the change. A couple tiny spider mite issues bit I caught them before they did any damage. I look at them All the time

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I would strongly recommend you adopt a program to treat ahead of any infestation. It is cheap and easy and effective; no reason not to. Just my $.02


Your plants are looking great. Wish we would start to get some of the weather you are seeing.


Was trying to figure out how I can protect from pests so I was thinking mosquito netting. Especially for the 4 I have around 3 weeks left in flower. Was driving to Salvation Army to see if anything might work and found the frame from someone’s old swing. Thank you cannabis gods…how perfect!


This is what I use.


That’s awesome! Will work perfectly!