Been out of growing for 20+ yrs, alot has changed

Bought a water tower to grow variety of stuff. After planting stawberries, broccoli, tomatoes and peppers, I thought to myself that the water tower could also grow a Marijuana plant . I had a couple seeds that I saved from 5+ years ago (no idea what strain). I only grow 1 or 2 plants, just enough for me.
Started looking online and notice that seeds now are feminized and autoflower. Anyways long story short, will not do it this way again. Next time Marijuana plants by themselves. This is plant after 9 weeks of flower, maybe a week or 2 left. Oh yeah had a bout w/ spider mites, I think they came from the strawberries.


yes a lot has changed as we learn more about this amazing plant and how to consume it.

If you stay with your water tower hydro setup go with some auto’s as they stay small, easier than a photo would

@scaru2 Looks like you’ve picked right up where you left off bud! Welcome to The Forum! Lots to learn here!! :seedling::sunny::+1:t2:

I did order some from ILGM, Along with another new setup. Got seeds germinated, except gsc did not germinate for whatever reason. Looking forward to my Bruce Banner and Gorilla Glue.


so what you gettin’

Tent 3 x 3, sonofarm 400 watt light, vivosun dwc, ac infinity exhaust 4". I finally brokedown and bought bluelab ph pen. Ive been not checking ph on last grow ( I know thats one of the main things to check). I use deionized water and got ro in kitchen.

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ok sounds like a great setup that should work well for you…and your nutrient line…which did you choose

Gh nova grow and Gh nova bloom also got cal mag, dont remember the other 2. Its the 5 nutrients schedule from Genral Hydroponics.

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I use the GH product line too

Good to know, have you been using it for awhile. I just started using it in my 4th week of flowering.

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I have been using for a couple years now…5 separate grows of 3 plants at each grow