Been keeping seeds in fridge, anything special to do when I take them out for germination?

I have been keeping all my seeds in tiny ziplocks, inside a cvault, at the back of my fridge.

When I take them out to begin the germination process, do I need to do anything first like let them sit for a bit or something, or can I just begin straight away?

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I keep mine in the fridge when i’m ready to germinate then i just take them out and put in a glass of water


Same mine goes right from the fridge into a shot glass with distilled water and a capful of hydrogen peroxide.


Thank you both :slight_smile:

Ziplock bag and napkin- right now I’m loving :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: hydroponic germination - top feeding and air bubbles

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Nah if anything I think the sudden heat shock helps them kickstart the germing

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I go from the fridge to the glass. Just dropped and ten for ten.

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Excellent. Thank you all :slight_smile: