Been gone, here is an update

So a few of you may remember me from months back when I tried my first grow using my AeroGarden and had horrible results - Idk what to do :( - #26 by tanlover442 well, since then I tried twice more using the AeroGarden and had nothing but issues. With my last seed I decided to switch it up and swap to soil. I started it in a smaller pot then moved it to the 5 gallon fabric pot, this has had a 24 hour light cycle from day one, no added nutrients ph balancing etc, i used nothing but Fox Farms Happy Frog potting soil. I noticed the leafs start off wispy, but they have all been like that and look beautiful. I read that this is a common thing with Sativa plants, and that so long as they develop into regular leafs they are okay, which is what I have been seeing. This seed sprouted about 5 weeks ago, I have not and do not plan to trim this one or top it at all, will take off any dead leafs but so far their has only been one leaf that turned yellow and it was one of the first leafs at the very bottom (shown in picture). I am ready for criticism. :slight_smile:


Just be careful with letting a plant go unchecked in a indoor grow. Next thing you know it’s 5 to 7 feet tall and hitting 4 feet wide.

Just look at my GSC grow and you will see what I mean. Without enough lights and mine was, it still hit over 60” tall. I’d hate to have seen her under both my lights.

Good luck…I prefer growing in soil myself.

That is insane! This is an autoflower OG Kush from Seedbank, hoping it will help cut down the size a bit haha

@ThatOneGuy Let me get a picture of the base for the main branch. Wait to be shocked.

This is why I won’t let plants go wild anymore. Her base is over 1” wide…maybe close to 1.5”.

Looks like it’s time to clean up the leafy crap at the base of that plant and begin some LST to widen her legs a tad to prepare her for some flower time!

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Go to my Grow Journal. She doesn’t need to be wider. I was showing what happens if you let a plant go wild. :joy:

Wow, that is insane, the base on this one is already about half an inch, so do you think i should trim? I feel like i overtrimmed in my previous attempts thats why i was going to just let it go naturally

Honestly if you want to see what happens, go for it. This is the only way I ever grew as. I’m a sucker for a big plant with a huge main Cola.

But I want to learn other techniques as well. I’ll be doing Scrog on my 4 new babies as I need to get a nice stash of medicine. So I can smoke more each day and not feel all this pain 24/7.

That plant is perfect for scrog right there! Just need to trim the lower crap off and widen the plant, supercrop the main stem. You will triple your bud weight!

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Untrained to trained to a point. As you can see they can go ballistic.


You get bomber main colas! The light has a hard time beefing up the lower stuff on the bushy plant though right?

If you scrog that little bushy plant you will get way more bud!

Yes @Cannabian it’s hard to get light penetration on the lower side. I only had 1 light for it at the time. Then changed to the HLG which wouldn’t be as big an issue due to how bright they are.

The thing is, with auxins, if you don’t redirect them, the main cola will always be dominant. By scroggins you are redirecting auxins causing the plant to abandon the main cola and use them all equally. At least that’s what I’ve gleaned from reading, makes perfect sense to me. Works for pruning fruit trees as well

@ThatOneGuy How much square feet do you have in that closet?

@Cannabian This is why my new babies with be in a Scrog system. To see what way I want to keep growing.

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Wow, didn’t expect so much attention haha! I honestly have not read much on LST, or any of that yet, I have 8 more seeds on the way that I plan to experiment more with, for now I just wanted to see one actually grow and do well since my previous 3 failed attempts in the AeroGarden. I am always open to ideas, or pointers in the right direction or a different direction that has worked well for others (that’s why I am here, after all) :slight_smile: I have been rotating the plant every 2 days or so to help the light get to all of the portions, I do remember from reading before if I trim the lower leafs it will help send more energy to the higher ones, I just don’t want to over-trim and end up trimming off what could be good/valuable bud sites, I feel like I had that issue in my previous attempts. The general idea of LST I have gathered is that it is ‘low stress training’ basically slightly bending the main branches to force the plant to grow out in specific directions vs straight up, but I would think if I was going to do that it would have been more beneficial to have topped it as well?

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To be honest, you have 2 alternatives, scrog, needs one pot, less hoses and stuff produces lots of decent sized mini coals. Or… SOG needs many pots and lots of feeder hoses, needs more space for same amount of dope production as scrog ( generalizing) but gives bigger main colas? I personally think that unless you really like big assed colas and or have lots of space and lights, you cant compete with scrog for a small space, it should triple your produce!

Normally the process goes sorta like this… plant seed, grow to 5th set of main leaves and top it. Wait for branches to grow long enough to bend downward. LST would be bending, supercrop is another form of more aggressive LST whereby you pinch a branch to weaken the fiber and bend in desired direction. Place scrog net over plant and as the branches grow continue to plug them into the net wider and wider. The branch nodes will be growing up into net holes now. At this time you will clean off everything below the scrog ( within reason) including bud sites! They will just be in the shade anyway and won’t make big buds. This is where you want to move energy into the tops! Does this all make sense?

Yes, makes perfect sense. Thank you for the explanation! :slight_smile: I have seen pictures of the scrog setup (now I know what it’s technical term is!), makes sense :slight_smile: