Been gone a long time yet here's the progress

What’s up growers, long time no see, how you been? How the ladies growing? So it’s been a while since I posted anything about my plants, been going through some things yet have been taking pics and keeping a log on my phone. Recently, my plants began making trichomes, and I know I’m getting down to the wire. So wanted to post the progress and get some feed back. I guess my only question right now is why are the girl and the lady producing white buds(I wouldn’t even call them buds, what is that? The woman didn’t do that)? And they’ve begun growing trich’s, how do I A.)Get the to produce more? And B.)When do I know it’s time to harvest and how should I do it? A guy at work told me after I flush hang the plants upside-down by the roots so they can drip, is there any truth to this?

The lady that grew upside down

The girl that fell over

The woman with no flaws

Random pics(for clarity, the lady is the tallest, the girl is average height, and the woman’s the shortest)

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Continuing the discussion from Not sure what week I'm in yet here's some pics:


Lookin good… :grin:

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Thanks alot :v:t5::sunglasses:

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Those are pistils. They will turn into buds. That is the beginning of flower.

The bigger question is why are they so droopy. Looks like either over or under watering.

Welcome back

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Not sure. I pretty much feed em every 2-3 days. In the pics where they’re droopy I had just sprayed them and put em back in the tent.

Fed em some nutes earlier while I posted. This is how they normally look. And I looked closer at them while taking this pic and saw buds growing in the pistils so thanks alot

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You still have at least a month to go. Give or take a few days

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Thanks I needed that

Looking good, welcome back @WTAllah everything looks good!

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Thanks alot