Been a while since I grewed

First time with autos, first grow in 15 years

I planted 3 beans, auto northern lights, auto critical+, and auto destroyer.

Critical+, and Destroyer just popped the surface

FFOF and perlite 70/30

36-x-36-x72 tent
3 fans

Really no action yet, boring seedlings :wink:


It looks like you are set to go, glad to see you growing again after a long hiatus.


Welcome to the community. like swimming you never forget how. Good luck with your grow.


Looking good! One thing I would consider before you move to the coffee cans, is putting more holes in them. They can be smaller, but I would add some. Especially on and near the bottom.

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@pyper once the seeds pop do u throw the seedling under the light right away …I have a T5 light should that b good enough ?

I did a transplant with the critical+ and destroyer, I wasn’t happy with the stretch, I used to use cfl’s for veg, I might go back to them on next run for veg, whole new experience with leds compared to my old hps. It’s like starting all over again :wink: Many holes on the bottom, I have some on the sides too, maybe not enough, I might go drill crazy on the sides, time for fabric I think :wink:

@perezj17 yes, dimmed all the way down, I am a noob :wink:

Northern light (auto) that popped but I don’t think it’s going to make it, it’s deformed

I think it’s dead Jim


I’ve never really started from seed so I wanna make sure I cover every lil details. I’m also new to l.e.d I’m curious to see how different it is compared to an hps bulb


I’m loving them so far, I just have to remember now patience

You would think with 13 grandchildren I would have some wtf :slight_smile:

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Very cool!
Fabric is the way to go in my opinion :call_me_hand:
Great looking set up ya got there

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Yeah, fabric pots are cheap, too! You can get a 5 pack for like $10 on amazon.

And I thought I had, but now I don’t think I did welcome you on another post, so welcome to ILGM! :v:


Thanks @elheffe702 :slight_smile:

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hey what does anyone here have experience with AIRPOTS if so I would like to hear about your experience and how they also compare to the fabric pots ?


I think @Familyman uses airpots, or something very similar, anyway. He does great with them. His journal is here: Familyman’s 5th Grow

I thought airpots was just another name for the fabric pots :man_shrugging:

Uploading: Screenshot_20191003-090859_Chrome.jpg…

Airpots are the plastic ones that have bumps/dimples all over them.


@pyper quick question do u need a inline exhaust when using the ac infinity t6 thinking of buying one

@perezj17 Do you mean intake?

I am not using one, just passive :slight_smile:

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yea I do

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A little update, 11 days old, very small if you ask me, but I never grew auto’s, I have no clue :wink:

Auto Critical+

Auto Destroyer