Been a while since I checked in - I have a 4X8 SCROG in progress

A 4 x 8 foot Vivosun tent, 4500watts (equiv) Morssen LEDS (6,000 available), 1.5 gallon Levoit Digitally controlled humidifier, INKBIRD temp controller, twin timers for the lights, and five gallon deep hydro buckets with a nice air pump and 6 valve head. The ducting is 8 inch, with a huge charcoal filter in the top to take out heat. I had to use a Hurricane fan to get enough flow through the filter

3 Bergmans Gold and 2 Gorilla Glue girls (I lost one plant because of an air stone problem)
They are in their 4th week of flowering, and spreading out nicely. This is the best grow yet, but I need a better air conditioner in that summer…

  • I used Ph Perfect nutes, and CAL/MAG
  • I have General Hydro nutes for when they run out