Been a bad couple of years

my last grow was a few years ago and plenty has happened since , Lost my wife , brother and mother in law and had a couple heart attacks , was almost back on my feet a little and WHAM hereeeeeesss COVID in all its glory , Any way things are looking like I aint going to lose my house just yet and I am thinking of piecing together a grow tent one (or 2 ) pcs. at a time , Amazon has a 36 x 36 x 72 grow tent I can get for $59.99 and I have a empty spot in the house to put it , I have 1/2 dozen or so White Widow seeds about 6 inches tall and ready to transplant them soon and need to know how many that 36 x 36 x 72 will hold without overstuffing it ??

Thanks in Advance



Melon farmer has a good 4x4 for 100 might be a better long term investment (nearly double the square feet) assuming those are photo seeds you’ll only be able to fit 2-3 in a 3x3 in a 4x4 4-6 , let’s start with light dont get any blurples at least start with a spider farmer 2000 should get you started well otherwise you’ll just be spending more money on lights later when your buds come out mediocre next is a ph pen GET A GOOD ONE apera at least , accurate phed water is important. Medium is always important too home depot has some good cheap viagrow fluffed coco coir(VERY beginner friendly with properly phed water) in right now I’d pick up 2 bags along with some compost and dry amendments.


Welcome back , hope we can help with some good advise , how much are you looking grow ? Vivosun Gorilla tent

Welcome back ! I like to allow a 2x2 space per plant, that being said. I would go with a couple of plants. Everybody has different growing Styles I like to spread my plants out an fill up the space with buds. Just my thoughts good luck

@imSICKkid @MattyBear both grow in 3x3, what do you fine gentlemen suggest?

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I’ve done 1 plant, 4 plants, 9 plants (pheno hunting), even 16 plants (SOG with clones) in a 3x3. Normally I go with 4 plants when bud production and heavy yield is my focus.


I’d grow em all


I have 8 plants started and will pick the best 2 or 3 to re-pot in to bigger pots to finish growing them , The seeds started out as feminized White Widow , one of them went to seed and I saved them and have 8 of them growing now and will re-plant the ones that I am unsure of outside to grow natures way (with supervision) But I want to grow 2 or 3 in either a 48 x 36 x 72 or a 36 x 36 x 72 ? Not sure how many plants I can grow in there but am shooting for 3 until I see how well they do , I can get a tent (only) for around $70.00 on amazon and need to how how big a light I will need ( I want to do this as cheap as possible for now because I have a very limited income , What would be the least inexpensive light to use ( and how many? ) I found a 4" fan for $20.00 that I am thinking about using for now , any more tips would be appreciated my friends ?