Becoming concerned about my seeds germinating

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

m becoming concerned about my seeds germinating. 6 of the first 10 seeds have not germinated. The ones that did are already an inch high while the rest show no signs of root formation after 7 days. I have them in a controlled 78 degree environment the whole time. I still have 10 seeds i can start in water. I’m starting to get sick to my stomach over this. Please advise. Thanks

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Lots of questions. How did you germinate before planting? Did the seed have a tail? If planted before this happened they may or may not sprout. What medium did you plant in? How are they receiving h20? Domed or not? Stretching can be fixed when transplanting into pots & burying stem.

I put the seeds in a glass of water for 24 hrs then used the damp paper towel under a dome. 4 sprouted out half inch roots within 36 hrs. The remaining 6 have done nothing. no root emerging at all. I purposely dropped them in the water initially on 4/20/2018 (420). so now its been 8 days and nothing on the 6. 2 of the ones that sprouted are a little over an inch high already. Also I kept a thermometer in the dome and kept it at 78-80 degrees constantly. Please advise. I’m sick about it. Thanks in advance.

How deep did you plant them? The deeper their planted the longer they can take to reach surface. And don’t give up yet they can take up 2 weeks to pop if you don’t see anything by say may 1 or 2 then lightly peel back top and see what seed is doing. I do it all the time just be gentle.

There’s also a little trick you can do on problem seeds
You can use a emory board and lightly score the outside of shell (there’s actually someone on here who uses pliers to squeeze and cracked their seeds open before they plant and also put a drop of hydrogen peroxide in your h20 that you do your initial soak in that helps soften the seed as well.
If you got the seeds through ilgm and you followed their germinating practice, they offer 100% germinating get with customer service about replacements. If not I’m sorry I know it’s sux to have such expensive seeds parish.

Oh 1 more thing are you watering? If they are to wet they will rot before they break ground. You want your soil moist so just lightly mist it a couple times a day to keep it from dryING out but not to wet. It’s a fine ballance