Because tenga said my last journal wasn't cool

I had some nice ones going I’ll put them down because I had seeds broke out in for my plants. I regret doing that now because I probably would’ve been OK. I have eight more going now they’re small. But this is smokable smells good taste good way underage. I didn’t try to make it look pretty.


Long as it taste nice smells nice and get u high. Cant complain. Each plant was better and better hoping all of this harvest is way better. I think i jave a few more patients now


Better than what they have around here. I’m not a 100% I put down 14 plants. The rest was ready for flower time. Had 5 nice Afghan I’m sure I would have been ok. I panicked. The GG4 I kinda worried about I have a grape Afghan 4 of those looking good. There clones

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Woah the new light need to come quick. Im packed wall to wall


Anyone know anything about the agromax solo far red light bars. Will it be any good addition to my room adding some more red looks. Or is there some kind of xtra lighting that has uv to it i can add to the room. I want more tric action this go round.

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Hlg has a uv light bar that hellraiser uses. Other than that bad gonna have to ask the man the myth the legend. Dbrn haha

I don’t think @Hellraiser uses the hlg one he’s got a secondary one.
@dbrn32 doesn’t use uv he uses 3k and far red 660nm

They will correct me if I’m mistaken lol

I was pretty sure about hellraiser but ya he pretty active and will chime in
And dbrn just flat out knows lights haha he doesn’t use it but I bet he’s got a cateloge of knowledge of options out there

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I do use the HLG UVA 30, have a couple of them, have one mounted to the HLG 550 rspec in one tent and a free hanging one in another tent between a HLG 260 and 2 HLG 135 rspecs.


Looking good will regular fudge stand up to the canna products?

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It did come out rather well super strong taste i only tasted it i dont do them. Edibles are a waste for me. My neighbors had a 2x2 in piece each. 2 guys. They r cousins lol said they were all sorts of messed up. It was choc fudge with raisins and walnuts. Made adult style and the kids were mad they couldnt eat it so i had to make a kid friendly batch the same way with regular unsalted butter lol.


@Hellraiser. So will the uva help tric production better that the far red solo pucks from rapid

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Yes, it will, everything I grow has crazy trichs. This one has so many trichs, she has a crown of trichs, not bud bleaching, just a crazy amount of trichs stacked on top of trichs at the top.


@Hellraiser Regarding trich production, I read somewhere that the trichome resin produced by cannabis has the highest natural UV protection in the entire plant world.

That makes sense as to why your trich production is as high as it is.

Also, in that same article, it mentioned that once RH drops under 30% cannabis stops transpiring, and in order to protect itself from the sun, it produces more trichomes to shield itself.

I though that was highly interesting information. However, that could just be common knowledge among the cannabis community and I, as usual, am just late to class?


If i may ask what kind do u use

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Yep, sounds about right.


I use the HLG UVA 30

You can see it mounted to the middle of a HLG 550 rspec


Sweet thanks. Im gonna look into a couple few of them. Appreciate it.