Beautiful Terple flowering!

Here is a Terple (tropicana cookiesXslurricane) that i start from a clone straight on my balcony in june!
Organic grow in 5 gallons U-cann primal earth soil with gaia green nutrients and some fish juice and seaweed extract. i used LST and defoliation only on this one, no toping ! Still time to go before ready to harverst but Awesone colors, great candy/fruity smells and full of trichomes allready!!
Im pretty stoked on this one, so just wanted to share with you guys :raising_hand_man:t2:


It looks awesome. Definitely envious of those buds. :star_struck:


@Sto_418 THAT is freaking awesome!!! Hope I’m there one day.


OMGoodness!! She is beautiful!!

Oddly enough I just turned a color I think they call “envy green”! :joy: :rofl:

Please share more pics as she matures.

Are you getting low night temps that help the terps or is that all just genetics?
Either way I hope she’s as breathtaking to smoke as she is to behold!
Great work!!

I think its both actually, the genetics of the tropicana cookies are in for something as i getting low temps a night, around 10-12C night and 18-20C day temp!
Thanks a lot !!

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I’m hoping to get some nice color profiles from my Granddaddy Purples outside. I’m well south of you in the mid-Atlantic east coast and we’re in a heat wave for the next four days, but we’ve been hitting mid to low 60’s at night before this.
Hopefully the cooler temps return soon!

She’s a beautiful lady though!

Happy Growing Everyone!!

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I can see why you’re proud of her. Beautiful.

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Great color !! Nice set up…

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1 week later, 1 week closer to harvest but still more to go!! The weather here is shifting on the bad side, rainy cold days are coming, i dont know if im going to be able to keep it outside for maybe 3 more weeks, planning on chopping around October 12-15 but dont know if im going to make it this far :man_shrugging:t2: