Beardless NL - Should I be concerned?

When checking in on them yesterday I noticed these spots on #1. I inspected the other girls and it appears to be isolated to #1. The spots, few in number are on the tops of the plant and a few on lower leaves. The affected lower leaves are mostly in clear view. I am hoping it is from the application of Captain Jacks spinosad spray I used to eradicate fungus gnats. Contradicting this thinking is the 3 other plants are not similarly affected. So I wanted to get your assessment please. @Hellraiser @dbrn32 @BobbyDigital @Covertgrower @Cannabian @Chasfitter @kellydans @repins12
This is the recent watering schedule and PH readings. Significant increase in PPM between 6/25 and 6/29. At the time I attributed the increase to first use of silica. Now - not so sure. Today is day 31 on 12/12.

Although not affected, here is runoff info on other three plants.

USB closeups

#1 otherwise, and the other plants look great and extremely healthy.
The next flower feeding will be 7/4 or 7/5 - thoughts. Only water for #1? or OK to feed.
I have not flushed them because runoff PH has been consistent on not decreasing.

If you have been spraying plants with anything I would expect a few random spots. Kinda weird it’s isolated to a single plant, I agree. But that could be relative to the plants position in the room or something.

I would monitor from here a d see if this is rapidly progressing or not. As always, if you feel the need to spray plant try do so right at lights out

Looks like random nutrients that got dropped on a couple of leaves.

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Pictures aren’t loading for me for some reason. That ppm spike usually would indicate a salt buildup but your ph and amounts you’ve fed say otherwise. What was your ppm in for the calmag and silica? My cal mag only adds 200ppm at 5ml/gallon…curious to what the ppms of the silica is.

CalMag & silica boost PH 8.37, PPM 436 EC 927. Had to PH down to 6.21, 486 and 1035. The PPM of runoff doesn’t make sense to me either.

No additional spots this morning. Maybe I hit that section of the plant with a little more spray. The lights were still on for a couple hrs after spraying.