Beans over the border

After reading all the great things about ILGM beans I would like to purchase some. My concern is seizure at the border. Have any of my fellow Canadians had any issues with this. I don’t want the CBSA or RCMP knocking on my door. @Donaldj

I received my order with no glitches but one never knows when and if the border will stop a package however even if they did it is an incoming package with no proof you ordered it. Oddly in Canada seeds are not a controlled substance as of yet I’ve had the dreaded knock over the years and they weren’t looking for seeds :wink:

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Do I dare ask what the knock was about.

How did you pay for your order? Did you send cash through the mail? Thanks

I grew up on Vancouver island and my dad grew but also drank sold and partied in his hayday which tended to draw attention so yes was around for raids. I ended up with a record in my early teens for my own stupidity and was known to police for decades. Haven’t had any of them bother me in years thankfully they have little interest in people so long as they stay small :wink: and times change
Credit but you may find cash simpler


Yes times do change and hopefully for the better. I’m in Ontario and and my grow is very small. I only grow for myself for medical. I never really had a green thumb but once I started I enjoyed growing. It’s kind of addictive. Always trying to out do your last grow. Seems like I’m also spending more cash on upgrading stuff. Need a few more grows before I spend much more. There are a few good bean shops in Canada as well and I have purchased from them but everyone speaks so highly of the beans from ILGM I just need to try them.


I cant help with advice on what happens in Canada since im from the other side of the boarder but i think cash is the best option i
Only order my beans using this method
My logic is no paper trail ? I live in a not so friendly state but as @Donaldj mentioned times are changing and we may be full legal here in the next few years im hearing more and more talk about as everyone else around is goes that route
In the meantime cash it is
Happy growing

Wrap your cash up well in some paper, so it doesn’t show from the outside, and obviously don’t send coins. ILGM says they have never had any problem with this.

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