Beans have arrived


Yahoo!! Seed have arrived!! Got me some chocolope and blackberry kush. Now I just need a grow space. One is being worked on and I think I am close. @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @BIGE

These seeds will be scrogged along with a blue dream. That seems about right so my scrog will be about 4x3. Everything is in the works so you can follow along here.

Oh but wait I don’t know how to link to my journal can someone help?

Anyways it is "The start of something wonderful(shed build)

The start of something wonderful (shed build)

i passed up blackberry and got skywalker…lol
should have done both,but there is always next time!
i’m still waiting on them to receive my letter…lol anxious


oh man I was going to get Skywalker lol how funny is that.


sounds like a swap meet!


hmm you could be on to something @BIGE


Nice! I can wait to harvest mine! If course that’s like four months away lol. Gonna find your journal and set to watching :sunglasses:


Thanks @Tylan It is really going to be something special!!


Here is your link @Smokin_ernie. I will be watching for sure.


Sweet I knew there was someone would come to my rescue thanks @AnneBonny


Woohoo :raised_hands: beans are in stock
You better finish that space off now brother having beans in hand will motivate you I bet lmfao


Yay it should get my butt moving. I need a weekend and think I could get it going but life seems to get in the way. Soon enough haha


Yeah life has a way of doing that brother
You now have some motivation so thats good and its only going to get warmer as well bro so all good
Tag me when you pop those beans buddy


Absolutely! I can’t wait :blush:


Outta likes bro so here