Beans and Buds for breakfast, coffee is brewed

Morning all, beans are brewing. Another chilly start to the day.

Table talk question. What are possibbile causes that make rootballs small, thus creating smaller buds on the plant.

Two games this weekend that have closer point spreads, Jags 9-8 @ home against the 10-7 Chargers. Could be the best game of the weekend.

The other is my Boys are slight favorites agsinst the Bucs on the road. This game may be ugly to watch because of poor execution on both sides.

How bout them Cowboys? Ever blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile.

Can my Boys fool me twice? Love Brock Purdy, got to watch him in the Big 12 beat my Horns and others.

Hope today he doesnt miss a beat other than the Cowboys playing great D for the win.

 Yesterday, both games went exactly the way i figured.   One blowout, one team covering the spread.

  Today, i expect Cincy to cover the spread, maybe outright win it.  Joe Cool has the it factor, hes won at all levels, except a super bowl.  Allen has proven he belongs on the elite list, but hasnt won a big one of any kind yet.  
 Both games today may come down to costly turnovers and who has the ball last.  

AFC is loaded at rookie or young QBs. Mahomes, Allen, Lawrence, Burrows all playing this weekend. Hebert, Wilson, lots of others, dolphins, jets pats.

Go Cowboy’s

I guess this is my place to make notes on my grow(s).

9 factors to grow cannabis.

Growing temps
Root zone temps

First grow, we wanted to watch and read as we learned. We tackled good lights thru HLG, Jacks nutes. Oxygen was addressed by using straight coco and 1 inch lava rock on bottom of pot, wind by fan(s).
Now 2nd grow.
Mid winter, monitoring root zone temps, bad things happen below 59/60 degrees to cannabis. Not an issue back in Sept.

Watering the same on new seedlings at half strength with circling methods. My pots get 1.5 gal initial hydration on 2 bricks with full jacks nutes to start. Pots allowed to drain for awhile.
Seedlings go into final pot when root is exposed on jiffy pellet. So far on our 4 coco plants, first watering after transplanting is about 9-10 days avg. We water by feel, lifting method. We get real dry before watering. We didnt water enough to ever have runoff at anytime. Those pots had over 8lbs weight minimum, first watering of seedlings will weigh one pound maybe. Again 1st few times will be very small amount and circling method.

Humidity very low right now, 20%, thats not great. Winter tough on low rh.
Co2, not fully enclosed or big enough at this time.

This 2nd grow will dial the nutes up close to full strength, water more generously, and monitor ph level.

1st harvest, 3 plants, autos, 2 cocos, no larf, 10 zips, 1 p4p, 3 ozs, 2 cocos, 7ozs

Nutes 321 vice 3.6 2.4. 1.2.
Watered upto 3/4 gal per plant during flower.
Dialed the lights back on the Hlg 300 rspec couple clicks and kept the lights back a little more a month in.

P4p supplies neets oil, i think the droplets get magnified and make water spot burns. Will spray at lights off this go round if i do spray. Thus raising my lights a little.

We dialed back alot and was sucessful, we very happy, yet think we left the bar very low.

Raising the bar in nutes, watering amount, and ph testing soon.


Good morning! :coffee: :dash: :dash: whats growin on. Looks like youre planning something… or this grow already started

Good morning, all.

We have Runtz and Wedding Cake alittle over 2 wks.

They are cute, but at the boring stage when it comes to glam shots.

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@HeyJB. Where are ya brotha, havent seen ya in awhile. You on goat hearding duty?

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Army medic here, then RN, then healthcare executive mostly in hospice. Retired nearly 5 years. Always a morning person. Use to get up and have 3 cups of Expresso to take on my 14 hour days.

Now, after retirement, a strong cup of black tea and a few tokes then off to shoot pool for a few hours.

I sure thought I would be bored being retired but I’m always busy doing things I want to do instead of have too’s. Love taking my time to do whatever I want.

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Lots of age, lots of vets, lots great growers, not so many egos.

Most mornings, 2 cups good brew, smidge of french van., wifes fault on that, a few tokes of banana kush.

Our first harvest, bk.

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We sent a search party out for @HeyJB awhile back, miss him checking on me and my girls.

Turn up the volume, here too.

Morning 3D. Morning all. Sip, sip, good coffee on a cold start to hump day.


Morning all, coffee is brewing, running slower this morning, another cold start to the day here.

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Goodmorning snow clean up out to plow and the Sno-Dog wouldnt lower, back home to troubleshoot wire off easy repair just had to know were to look and oh take flashlight with me.

Morning all, TGIF, dont know why, but, TGIF. Everyday is a seven day weekend when your retired.

Coffee was brewed a little stronger, my summer tan line is fading, need a little extra today, another mid 20s to start the :sunrise_over_mountains:

Its amazing how a season changes parameters even on inside grows. A fully enclosed space most likely would make it easier to dial in some important grow factors.

We finished 3 plants, no hicups, we think we did outttttttttstanding with almost a QP per plant and flavor and potency was pretty :ok_hand:.

Exact blue print from first run. They sure look like they are slow growers compared to the Banana Kush.


morning Mosca…retirement is fun for me as well


Im sure enjoying the new supply of buds with beans every morning. Haven’t given it much thought on actual days now, grove bags are gsme changers.

Its getting better if thats possible.