Beans and Buds for breakfast, coffee is brewed

One of my favorite movies…

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Can anyone remember what i said i was gonna use for my grow room? Initially?

Yep, if you said rv shower, ding ding we have a winner.

Can you sit on the pot and watch your plants?

Fyi, this head, bathroom for the land lubbers, not used.


I remember it well.
Suggested a light I think for the area and also to cap off the shower head to avoid watering your light.
Plans change for us all the time.

It will do till the other place is finished being built.
One pot for pot, 2 canacoco pots.

Banana kush. Shower head attatched to hose, just laid it into the shower pan that has its own grey water tank. Plus requires pump to be on to have water available

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Was a little pissy past days, bumped my post numerous times about my p4p seed, anyway, …
Thus my light jab. Saw that few days ago. Some one asks light questions. Lots of posts later, hlg vs other lights

Brass. Tinny sounding word

“Transparent aluminum?”

“Would it be worth something to you laddie?”

“Admiral, there be whales here!”

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Coffee is brewed. Hump day!

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Good morning warriors! How grows it?