Beans and Buds for breakfast, coffee is brewed

I have seen lots of vets on the forum fyi if i can ever direct or help someone with a question, ill sure try. Had back surgery while on actove duty. Just now having issues and trying to get seen.

Thanks for the service all


If and when i learn to quote, I’d like to quote you on that.

I am 49 and just getting there from the exact opposite happening after my 8 years in the Nav. Yesterday finally I asked the Good Lord to help me do as Ben Franklin recommended. Early to bed and Early to rise. Indeed. Being a night owl is great for creativity, but early morning is when the best work gets done. One can immediately journal or do what Julia Cameron calls Morning Pages which is also very good for not only your subconscious health and psyche but also your overall health. Gets the murk up and out of the system like a lotus draws from the pond scum. I love my coffee, but have recently switched to Earl Grey, hot.

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I love how its a lot of vets here! And ditto on the VA meds thing.

Thank you for your service, Shipmate.

2 kidd class and one tico class. Plankowner.

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Navy & Tea? Blasphemy!

Ha! Well, if it worked well for Jean Luc Picard…

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Plus, it’s Indian. Earl Grey. Sativa. Indica. These are Sanskrit based words.

Cvns that was right after Noahs ark?

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Anybody brewed anykind of mary jane tea?

CVN65,68,70-74,76 and BH1
World’s Greatest Canoe Club 1984-2020
Davey, was in the Navy for life.

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Newt was esst coast navigation tech.

Yeah. It’s decent. Not spectacular.

Thanks for your “CV.” (European for Resume). Please Resume.

Navy speak
· In the United States Navy, these consist of ships commissioned with hull classification symbols CV (aircraft carrier), CVA (attack aircraft carrier), CVB (large aircraft carrier), CVL (light aircraft carrier), CVN (aircraft carrier (nuclear …

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Former Nav here. Playing with words.

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Been trying to drink tea (decarbed and flavored).
Like coffee, too much.
It was immature green leaf (green leaf for seed not smoke).
Got a new T-handle 1x5 cylnder for compressing.

Dave, do you like Matcha? 1/2 strength for regular use…full strength for ceremonial…Do you like your tea green or black,?

My brain does that, saw the nuc but was slready going with funnyside and the ark.

Which reminds me, saw big fat tiger coming off Noahs Ark, he replied “buffet was good on this cruise”.