Be Vigilant! 2 Plants Stolen Lastnight, Days Before Harvest


Woke up to all outdoor growers worst fears…my two remaining plants had been stolen overnight. Based on the sloppiness of the job, most likely teenagers.

At least I have my first two harvested, could be worse.

Hold your girls a little closer the next time you see them…lol


Sorry that happened to you all the hard work and time put into something and someone takes it. Smh


Yea bob that sux. I hate theives hopefully your first 2 you harvested will be enough to get you through until you can grow again


Last time i had something tampered with by a theif it was anchored by 3 ft of thin aircraft cable and also had treble hooks tied throught it so it appeared to be easily stolen but when they grabbed it im sure they were suprised when they felt resistance and probably started pulling harder until they got hung up on a treble hook and then had to rip a hook from their hand and left bloody smeared handprints all over my toolbox. the crazy thing is my crackhead neighbor came over to borrow some scissors about a week later to cut some stitches out of his hand. I never had any problems after that with my truck tool box being broke into


Well, in this one case, I’ll hope it was moldy and they get sick on it … but they get cured after a long, expensive series of treatments.


Damn thieves. Bigger problem now is that they know you are a grower and so will all their mates.They will be back for more. Maybe time to move indoors or get yourself a big dog. Feeling for you man


Ive got 2 gsds. Last time i grew outside we were having a football party. We had a large sliding door going out back & plant was on patio. We look outside & see my plant going over the roof with dogs having a fit. By time we got outside the plant was hanging half outta car door speeding down street. I now grow indoors.


I appreciate the kind thoughts everyone. As crappy as it is, and as angry as I was when I first saw, I was fortunate enough to get my two big girls harvested which will last me a long time. I also cloned my outdoors girls for an indoor grow and have two almost ready for harvest in my tent. So things could be worse :slight_smile:

TBH, I will almost certainly grow outside again next year, with improved deterrents. I just love it too much not to. I’m aware that the thieves now have a good location to check going forward, but I’ll still try :slight_smile:

The real victims are my friends and family who were going to get nice big goodie bags for Xmas…now it’ll be a nice big joint instead lol.


Do all of us give goodie bags for christmas? My family loves theirs.


I give goodie jars



Ugh this is horrible. OP sorry to hear about your plants.

I’m not sure which end stage issue is less terrible. Total bud rot or rippers… Since they both result in loss of product perhaps neither is better.

We just learned that people can find outdoor grows through gps in photos posted on sites. So that might be a warning for anyone wanting to share to be careful right now.


You should be able to turn off gps tagging if you’re using phone. I turn mine off because I don’t want anyone to see that info.


Use the meta app. It removes all tags of your pics. Even if cops got your phone the phone tags is deleted and they couldn’t prove you took the picture with your phone.




Is that true detective?


I don’t know how, but we scrub the data on a computer editor before posting.