BD auto concern

My girl is at 63 days today. The top leaves are yellow. I am using a cocoa medium with perlite. My nutrients are as follows. 4 ml of cal mag 4 ml of micro and 8 ml bloom.

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Nitrogen deficiency. Just micro and bloom won’t meet nitrogen needs.

She just stopped stretching at the end of last week. Now she should be putting weight on. Just want to finish out as strong as I can with her

What else should I give her

I’m not familiar with Micro and Bloom products. You need to add something that includes nitrogen like Fox Farm Grow Big. Cannabis nutrients usually come as a complete product, so find the Fox Farm Grow Big equivalent product made by the same folks that make your Micro and Bloom.

Am I wrong but it looks like most of the yellowing leaves are on the upper half of the plant?
I have to ask. Do you pH and ppm the feed input ? How about runoff?

You are correct the top is turning yellow. I do ph my water and run off. Both are between the 5.5-6.5 mark.

Looking better at day 67.