BB Auto marijuana questions

Some questions from a fellow grower:

i got my bb auto from you guys, it’s now 6 inches and started to bud already. It even has a tiny little cola going. But it’s only 2 weeks old. Is this normal? It’s smells really good to, but I have a diff auto that im growing which isn’t bb and it shows no sign of budding, im just curious if this is what autos do. Also since its flowering i stuck it under my hps light with my other flowering plants. Will it make the buds bigger or the same as it started to flower under cfl lights I use to veg. I also have a un related question, im using fox farms ( a mix of happy tree frog and ocean forest 50/50) in one pot it grew a mushroom. Is this normal from fox farms caus it’s organic?

Autos were developed for MMJ users with limited space, and time to achieve a harvest. Some grow bigger than others. The science and genetics have come a long way.

If I had an auto flower plant that flowered in 2 weeks; I would call that a successs. Please let us know how she finishes. :smiley: Happy Growing