Bazoo round two

Here’s a few pics of the bloody skunk on her final day.

Bud wash

Zoom in to see the scum that comes off. It’s worth the wash imo


Here is the wedding cake auto. Either one of these plants could have filled the 3x3. Two of them in there was pretty cramped

I will be starting a new journal shortly. i hope I can remember to tag all you good folks. So many helpful and positive people here.
Living soil for Blue Dream and Gorilla Glue photos. I will also have 2 autos going in coco again.
420 fast buds purple lemonade and Sweet seeds Black Cream.
I’m liking the colorful autos.


Congrats on the harvest. I will be curious to see what you think of the smell after it cures. The ones I did were not like any other plant I have smelled. Super strong too. My friend said it has it’s won taste as well. A cool one for sure