Bazoo round two

@Hellraiser @Covertgrower @dbrn32 @Nicky @Eagles009 @Chasfitter @Watt-Sun @beardless @IP54 I’m horrible at remembering everyone I interact with. I know there’s more good folks to tag so feel free to add.
Veg is over. here is the lineup going into the flower room. Back left is a clone from a plant I grew last fall. The person who gave it to me calls it “Althea” but he named it… No idea what it really is. It’s a Sativa leaning spindly plant that gets super purple and smells like citrus gas. What it lacks in structure, it makes up for in quality. It was a huge hit last time, glad I made a mother. Back middle is a cherry pie clone from the last run, back right is a GSCE clone from the last run.
In the front, the left two plants are Barney’s Farm pineapple chunk, the right plant is a Banana Punch Mango which was a free seed. oddly the free seed plant is my favorite so far, she’s always happy and easy to care for.
Lighting will be an HLG scorpion diablo in the center and HLG 260 xl’s on the ends. I may add more plants and another light in 2-3 weeks… tbd.
Nutrients are Jacks 321 and some AN supplements.
Happy Frog soil.
I have ILGM blackberry kush, ILGM strawberry cough, and barney’s farm purple punch vegging in another tent. I will add those to the thread once they flip. I also have ILGM Zkittlez autos going. I plan to drop a Sweet Seeds bloody skunk auto and a Barney’s Farm Wedding Cake auto both in coco very soon, possibly tomorrow…
got a full boat!! here we go


Hell yeah! Nice setup, nice lineup, nice looking plants. I’m in for this one :sunglasses:


Clean set up , following

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Nice looking grow, best wishes for a healthy harvest!

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You got this!


That setup is impressive bro!! Your plants look amazing! I’ll definitely be following this grow…and the next. I was looking at Barney’s Wedding Cake auto the other day.

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Yeah that should do it. NICE!

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Nice setup pulling up a chair for this one

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Thanks for the invite great setup!

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welcome aboard!

Here is a bit of a calcium deficiency that I have been chasing on a few plants since the switch to Jack’s. It’s minimal but still irritating. I have been mixing 3.6g part A, 1.2-1.3g epsom, and 2.4g of Part B. EC is 2.0-2.1 and I ph to 6.5. I’m seeing this slight deficiency… I know the common thinking would be to up the part B a little… not so easy. I don’t want my leaves any darker from the nitrogen. I actually have a Zkittles auto going (pic below) that is showing Nitrogen toxicity.
My question is how can I bump the calcium using Jack’s without adding Nitrogen?

zkittles with N toxicity

This is the girls a couple weeks ago

Also, trying out Coco… dropped a Wedding Cake Auto from Barney’s Farm and a Bloody Skunk Auto from Sweet Seeds

And of course… a shameless pic of the “real” Bazoo wearing some White Widow Auto antlers…


@R0ck here is my second run

Doing great things, my man. Love the antler pic, all black face with that white goatee is almost too much cuteness!

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@bazoo, i am also using Jack’s, but i always use CalMag along with it. i add it after the Jack’s and before i pH

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Part B is calcium? @JackAndSan

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Jack’s Part B is 15-0-0

here is the chart (no link so i think that is ok, lots of peeps here use Jack’s (even me, Jack :wink: )

I think what @Covertgrower meant to say was the second component added in the preparation of the nutrient mix is Epson salts…which eliminates the need for CalMag.

gotcha, makes sense… there was a whole thread on using Jack’s and i have just been kinda blindly following what was in the thread, wasn’t really thinking about the mag sulfate from the Epsom Salt. i am thinking i should start looking for signs of too much magnesium now.

Jacks has calcium (part B 15-0-0) and magnesium (epsom salt) literally in the recipe, adding additional calmag separately is just throwing money away. @JackAndSan
I’ve increased the amount of epsom salt, to 1.5g per gallon. I don’t think you have to worry about too much.