Bazoo #3 photos and autos

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Starting my third journal.
I’m going to take a swing at growing in living soil this time around for my photoperiods.
My autos will grow in Coco/Perlite with Jacks and a few supplemental nutrients.
First the photos. I will be growing 3 blue dream from Canuck seeds, 4 ILGM gorilla glue, and one ILGM blueberry.
My local hydro store guy has been telling me about a living soil/ dry amendment system that has been killing it. I’m still a novice wanting to learn and experience as many different techniques as I can before I settle in on one to really personalize.
I started the seeds in solos /happy frog/ jacks 321.
Not knowing what my plan was yet, I moved them up to 1 gallons / happy frog/ jacks for a couple weeks while I sorted out how to finish them.

I have decided to go with Bio 365 brand Bioall soil. It is a complete living soil in the bag.
Under the advice of the store owner who grows this way, I amended the Bioall with compost, earthworm castings, perlite, Greengro pride lands defense for some IPM, and a little extra mykos because why not.

I will be adding pride lands dry amendments along the way once per week or so. I will likely use the full line in flowering. I haven’t purchased them all yet. I moved them up to 3 gallon pots with the living soil mix for a couple weeks while I get a handle on things. They will go into 7 gallon rainscience bags for final homes.
I will be vegging them with the pride lands veg and their amino blend which I forgot to take a picture of the bag

I plan to do some teas as well, once I get my head wrapped around the basics.
Side note. The Pride Lands defense smells so good. Its a blend of spices that make the garden smell like you’re cooking a 5 star meal. I don’t know how the smell drives bugs away but it does… It makes me hungry (fat kid disclaimer) I will top dress with it occasionally.
I will be watering at 6.2 with silica and fishit added in here and there. I am looking forward to not mixing nutes or dealing with huge amounts of runoff for this grow.

On to the autos. I had far better results in coco (compared to soil) with the last 2 autos. I will be staying with Coco for these 2. I am adding Perlite this time and I also threw some Pride Lands Defense and Mykos in with the coco, again because why not.
I will stay with the Jacks and a few bottled supplements. So, I WILL be mixing nutes and dealing with runoff on these 2.
5 gallon Rainscience bags, one 420 fastbuds purple lemonade and one Sweet Seeds black cream. I’m just having fun with different auto strains that get cool colors.

Here are a couple pics of the Sweet Seeds bloody skunk auto I just chopped. Not bad for first run ever in coco.


Thank you for the tag, I’m set to watch.


Wooooowoooo! Pumped for this run of autos too haha love the colors you pulled in with that bloody skunk you already know :rofl:. I’m very interested in the living soil/Dry amendment route too I like the idea of top dressing like once a week and then just brewing teas etc. will definitely be tagging along!


Thanks for the tag ya got my interest up!

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I’m pretty excited too. I have seen some really impressive product using this approach. Fingers crossed that I can figure it out to a reasonable degree of success.
Can’t wait til those autos poke up and I can start counting the days. The wedding cake auto I had in with the bloody skunk is close to done. It actually turned out looking better than I thought. She got way frostier in the last week or so. There’s some purpling in the buds too. I’m curious to see both of them trimmed up.
Also… There’s a tent of ILGM blackberry kush finishing up around here somewhere :man_shrugging:t2:. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the tag, bro! Set to Watching…and will learn this approach through you.

PS….how are the puppies doing?


I am going to watch also! My grow is indoor and reused soil with dry amendments and tea. I’ll be doing the flip n flower soon!

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Glad to have ya man! the puppies are good I hope. The owner of the female was/is pregnant and due any day. I haven’t been able to reach her so I’m not exactly sure what’s going on!

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Awesome, thanks for jumping in. Do you have a journal? It would be cool to see your plants go through flowering

I will give you a tag - looking forward to your input and trading some ideas!

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Nicely done! :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks for the tag I’ll be watching
That bloody skunk looks great good job! :sunglasses:

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First milestone reached in the auto tent. Both plants are above soil. Calling it day 1!!

Here are the photos. They haven’t missed a beat going from the HF to living soil. I will begin training them in the next day or so

And here is a wedding cake auto that’s about done. I’m not one to hide my failures. I screwed this thing up about mid-flower. She’s foxtailing like crazy, pretty sure it’s genetic as lower buds are doing it as well. I think with a good trim she will be salvageable. The buds are incredibly dense.


Forgot you started a number three! Where’s that PL update?!

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I know right he’s keeping us in suspense!


Wooohoo your on!

hey, sorry all. Things have been crazy around here. All plants doing well. The photos are a week into flower. I am super impressed with the living soil/Nature’s Pride dry amendment combo. healthiest plans I have grown to date. I’m hoping it stays that way for the duration of the grow. The Autos… well they are both happy and healthy as well. The black cream is 3 weeks into flower, the purple lemonade is lagging and just starting to show preflower. I haven’t taken many pics but here is a couple:
Here’s the flower room absolutely packed:

Autos, this is black cream. I don’t have any of the purple lemonade. She is boring to look at right now, lol.
Black cream:

Thanks for motivating me to post more! I will keep you guys updated.
Not sure I mentioned this before but the wedding cake auto yielded 12.5 oz. And I probably took 15 or more branches off 1/2 way through, lol.


Wow just wow amazing work once again @bazoo for real! That’s too funny your growing the black cream. I just ordered some along with bloody skunk and dark devil and strawberry pie. @GreenSnek has a purple lemonade going right now. What did your bloody skunk yield?? And how’s she smell now?


Holy Sh!t!!! That was the photoyist auto I’ve seen to date!!! Great job, bro :sunglasses: