Bat guano is it safe to use in already bagged soil such as FF

Just curious to get opinions ,with the Corona virus is it really safe or a good idea to use soil with bat guano in it? just bought fox farm soil for next grow little concerned now ,you guys thoughts?


Viruses won’t survive long outside of a host. And for as long as they “cook” their soil before bagging there is no chance of contracting it that way.

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It’s not that big of a deal, really the only way you are going to contract it is by being in contact with someone who is infected.

Um; what does bat poo and Corona virus have in common?!


Some people are going “bat shit crazy” over it??? @Myfriendis410


Virus that is…lol

Makes you wonder about the human race sometimes… :pleading_face:


So true … the dumbing down of the human race…so sad

Well I wouldn’t buy Corona BEFORE this virus anyway…
Like coors and most of the bland water like beers


I will stick with Guinness myself.

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I asked a legitimate question if you can’t answer with any intelligence don’t reply

Noted will keep that in mind
Good luck
Wasn’t referring to you nor your question as dumb just referring to the article posted about corona


No problem man had two replys pertaining to beer,that had nothing to do with question,I had asked

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I will take the blame for joking around on your thread.
By way of an apology here is an article about your topic.

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It’s all good
I do use bat guano from Down to Earth products with my soil builds as well as for top dressing and teas etc and I have read articles about issues some have had with breathing the stuff in etc but usually been from actually being in the caves where they collect it etc
Mother Nature is awesome but can also be a beech lol

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yes she is I have lymphoma so don’t need anything else trying to take me out


Hope you get that sorted out.
I too have been going through severe UC the last 3 years but quit the medical system because what they were doing had zero positive effects the first 1 1/2 years and am just about back to normal without the medical treatments they tried but instead using Mother Nature the last 1 1/2 years and reading a lot on how to fix myself for a condition that according to the medical community there is no cure only remission using toxic drugs.
Not sure if it’s non Hodgkin Lymphoma or not but this guy Dr. Bergman has many videos on various ailments and as far as I’m concerned knows his shit and is spot on relating to our current medical system and it’s failure to understand the way our bodies work and how to fix things.

Here is a link with some videos and he has a ton more on his you tube channel…helped me get moving in the right direction and maybe can help you too.

Hope this helps and hope you get past this stuff

Yep nonhodgkin and follicular that’s why I was asking that question having a weaken immune system but I live in rtp area Duke,UNC WAKE MED all within 1 hour but it is what it is

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Up to you but there are ways to get past medical issues without using our failed medical system. Unless I break a bone and need a carpenter doctor…been there done that I won’t go back into the broken system…don’t care if it’s Cleveland Clinic or Johns Hopkins etc…they are trained wrong in my opinion and along with Pharmaceutical companies and equipment makers and the like are all about forever treatments and not actual cures.

It takes time to fix oneself via nature and reading all labels of everything you put in…on…or use to clean etc like dawn dish soap and Fabreze etc all that shit has toxins that build up in us and trigger these types of responses.
Wild animals don’t have all these diseases we do unless feeding off contaminated foods grown in contaminated soils etc.

If you like learning about things like I do watching his videos may open your eyes like they did mine and reading a lot like I’ve done the last 2 years.

Yea I too have autoimmune disease caused by food supply and toxic shit like shampoos and the like… they are becoming more prevalent in people since the 50’s

Topic I started may help by looking through it

Plenty of other “safer” nutrients out there beside Bat Guano you can use.
Not like it’s necessary to use just another tool in the box if you want it there.

I think the virus can live 2minutes to 9 days on plastic and couple hours on steel. I would just use basic safety while handling any fertilizer. Maybe gloves and mask and wash hands when finished.