Bass Assassin’s Grow Journal - AK-47 autoflower

likely what is happening… yeah a mild flush might help to give them a break from it… usually when they are that small and having those issues either the PH is off or the soil is too hot…

I’ve been pHing my water to 6.5-6.8. I follow Mr Kanucks grow and he suggests it. Does that sound right?

I’m using FFOF, which did fine for my Northern Lights Auto grow in 2019 but I think the AK47 might be more sensitive.

honestly 6.5 - 6.8 should be fine i think but i grow organics and just use tepid tap water without any issues… i think FFOF might be kinda on the hot side for starters from what i have seen people say about it…

So I flushed both plants 2 days ago. The small plant has recovered so well!!! The FFOF was entirely too hot for the AK47. She’s so much bigger today than just two days ago! Both are looking great. I did some LST on the bigger plant today and her top is already recovered and pointing back up to the light. I’m so happy with them!


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Two days after LST. Looking wonderful!


looken fantsastic over there and keep up the good work… keep an eye on FFOF while they are young but they will grow into it …

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What a difference a week makes! Did some leaf tucking a bit more LST on the ladies today. Frankly I’m amazed the little one survived, but survive she did! I’d even say she’s thriving.


Great comeback! They look great. You’re a braver soul than I to use OF…I read too many stories like yours! I went HF and sleep better…:rofl: I’m getting ready for some training on my two gals.

Keep up the good work :call_me_hand:


look at them go… great job and happy growing…

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