Basic set up help


What is the set up needed for growing one white widow plant indoor?

I know nothing about light, soil or any else. Reading posts but it becomes overwhelming fast.


Weclome to the forum. Here is a list of supplies I use from Amazon.


Lighting should be the largest part of your budget. If you plan on doing this more than twice you should look into purchasing a quantum board from horticulture lighting group. It’s a really good light, and will out produce any blurple grow light on amazon.

Exhaust fan with carbon filter if you don’t want smells.
Ph pen always check your ph / tds meter
Fabric Grow bags/pots 1-3 gallon for autos
5-7 gallon for photoperiod
Proper sized tent to the light coverage.
If you plan on growing again, get a seedling starter kit. Look for the celled tray and humidome. Make it easier and get the 6” tall humidome, you’ll thank me later
Seedling heater mat
Countless yo-yo rope supporters
RH meter/monitors
Timer for your light cycle of lights
Various extension cords
Pump sprayer for watering in soil
Various gallon jugs to mix nutrients in.
If anyone has something to add chime in. @MattyBear @dbrn32



Ok, I can start wrapping my head around this.

You have this:

Bi Han you also have lights that hang

Again, pardon my ignorance, why both?

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Yes I have a similar tent. I use it for my seedlings and early veg. If you go 2x2 get a 78” tall tent. You will outgrow the 48” one unless you train the plant significantly. Also check out craigslist frequently. Lots of folks buy new, use once and abandon the hobby. Lots of good deals and I always offer 1/2 what they put for a price and usually get it.

I have a variety of lights depending on the plant phase. I have three grow spaces. The tents come with a bar you can hang the light from. On the list there are also adjustable hangers for ease of lowering/ raising the lights as the plants grow.

@Jonyquest @Sixpackdad
I purchased this one. Usually when ordering they’re always smaller, and my light wouldn’t fit in anything less.

MARS HYDRO Grow Tent 27"x27"x63"…

Besides a pH checker, you will also need pH up/down adjusters, like this:

You will also want to purchase some good soil - not Miracle Grow. A very popular brand is Fox Farms - Happy Frog for your seedlings and Ocean Forest for the remainder of the grow. Or, you may choose to try Ocean Forest for the entire grow. Not that you have to use those, I’m just pointing out that they are popular. You should be able to purchase soil locally, but here’s some links anyway:


It’s not cheap to get setup well even in a small space. Lighting and ventilation will likely be your biggest single point expenses. But the little stuff will add up quickly too.

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Yes, this adds fast.

Ok. For someone who is test driving for the first time. One plant only, the white widow plant which claims to grow up to 24”.

Can you go with a beginner test set up of just the tent, which I hink he first option would work, with the light it comes with, the 5 gallon pot container, and something like black cow for the soil.

Is that enough to start from? Just to keep spending under $100…

Hi six pack, your list has 3 different kinds of lights. Why? Why no just one?

Just learning here,sorry for stupid questions

No stupid questions here. We will take them all.

I have a three stage grow. In the state of MA, I can grow up to 12 plants legally. Instead of germinating and growing all 12 at once, I have four that are in seedling/vegetation phase, four are in a late veg/early flower, and four in late flower. My goal is to plant and harvest four plants every six weeks, such that each plant has approximately 18 weeks of total growth.

As a result, I have three lights. My seedling/early veg plants have been under the 45W LED lamp, the late veg/early flower have been under the 1500W KINGLED lamp, and my late flower are under the quantum board lamp. I am in the process of upgrading my seedling/early veg lamp and late veg/early flowers lamps to QB, and moving the 1500W LED in the same room as my current QB for late flowering.

If you are going with a 2x2 grow, it’s easy to go with one of the Amazon blurple lights. They will be fine, like the 1500W lamp on my list, but they are not as efficient or powerful for the dollar as Quantum boards. They have built in fans that need to keep them cool, the QBs don’t need them, so there is less energy required to run the lamp and less $ on your electric bill. The chips used in the QB boards are top of the line and extremelyy effiecient

Take a look at the Horticulture Lighting Group products. If you are a DIY person, there are DIY kits for about $200 with shipping (288V2 board with heatsink, connectors, power cord, wiring, 2100A 150w driver) that would be a good light for that space. I am not a DIY person, I got one, and I was able to assemble it no problem.

If you are really into DIY stuff, and you are up to buying the wire, cord, connectors, and framing materials, there are other options in addition to the 288V2 boards like the QB132 and QB120 boards that would provide tons of light for a 2x2 space, maybe overkill, but could be adjusted down with an dimming driver. @dbrn32 is our resident lighting expert.

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I’m not saying that you can’t grow weed on a $100 budget, but will be awfully difficult to do without having most of stuff around the house to do it with. Even a mediocre light will eat up most of that budget. And the list of things you’ll still need is pretty long. I think if you bought a 2x2x4 tent for around $40, you would still be looking at another 200-300 to have a bare bones complete setup ready to grow.


Along the lines of what @dbrn32 notes, this effort comes down to a cost/benefit analysis.

My wife and I are heavy smokers. We spent $600 per month on weed. I have been growing since September 2017 and harvested my first crop in January 2018. I haven’t bought weed since January 2018. That is about $7200 per year in savings. Offsetting that savings is the cost of electricity, the materials I have purchased, and the time I spend working the crop. These do add up, but it is a fraction of the $7200 annual savings.

If you don’t put in the investment though, you won’t get quality enough bud and not get the same return as I am seeing.

Conversely, if you are a casual “every now and then” smoker, you’ll never achieve the benefit of home growing.

Again - keep an eye on things like Craigslist, or similar, if you have access to that. Lots of folks are “one and done” and sell for a fraction of original pricing.


Ok, I am understanding.

How about this:

And that tent:



That light is listed at 115 watts, most like to follow a model of 50 watts per square foot for flowering. I would prefer to look at ppf data, but they don’t supply it. I’m sure that light would grow weed, if that’s all you’re looking for. But would likely be a little shy of maximizing production in that tent.

The tent seems reasonable. Apparently 2x2 prices have gone up recently. I think I paid $25-30 for mine a few years ago.

Going with that tent and light. You’re still gonna need an exhaust fan and a fan or two to circulate air within tent. You will probably want a carbon filter too. Depending on environmentals you may also need a humidifier and/or dehumidifier at some point. Then ph and tds testers, ph adjusting fluids, a pot(s), growing medium, nutrients, temp and humidity sensor. And that’s pretty much bare bones setup.

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Ok, sounds like hat light and tent could work.

Why would I not just keep he room at a specific temperature and keep the tent door open. Would that not be enough ventilations?

Is one plant going to have a strong odor that people walking by the home can smell, or will it be something people inside the house only will smell.

I don’t use a carbon filter. The inside and outside of my house smells pretty potent.

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I would only buy certain things off of the Internet

It all depends if you want to do it in a tent, or can spend some money and set yourself up rite and build a sealed room, you’ll pay yourself back with the first crop if you do good. Essentially, you need proper lighting, pots or bags, filter(s) fan, a.c., de humidifier, etc. Go big or go home lol!

The only thing I buy local is my Roots Organics Original potting soil. I get everything else pretty much from the internet - Amazon, Craigslist, Ebay, HLG, etc.