Basic noob questions


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What is runoff exactly. New guy


Runoff is the water/feed that runs out the bottom of your pot when watering. It is important to know your water’s pH n ppm before u pour into soil, and check what it comes out as. This note keeping consistently will be INVALUABLE to understanding your plants.


Ah. I did read on here about checking ph levels before and after watering to see how much your nutes lower the ph level and then water it accordingly to raise ph back up. Is this somewhat close


Somewhat. Bare with me…

Tap water from sink… pH read 9…
Add nutes to tap water… pH naturally drops to around 5
Add a couple mL of pH up to get it around 6.5
Water to runoff. Test runoff… it says 6.3
Nexttime pH up to 6.7 to try to get runoff at 6.5

No if runoff is 5.8 u know its wayyy to low for her to eat. So u give her water @ 7.0 to try n get runoff in range 6.3-6.8


Your response got a screenshot to be put into my catalog of knowledge thank you very much I appreciate it. Soil pH levels nutrients are truly confusing.


Can you suggest a good ph and ppm meter?


WOW PH9 to PH5 with just nutes “WOW” mine goes from 7 to 6


Ur in hydro and use alot more water i assume? I only do about 2 quarts at a time. 5-6 diff plants and 2 were still in one gallon potd til this weekend. 2 teaspoons of fish emul, calmag, n a gram on mega and it bottoms hard. Ive used half a quart of pH up in maybe 4 weeks…


Apera 60PC is $100+ but does both excellently.

I use the Apera ph20 it was $50 and she gets the job done pH wise

I dont own a ppm… but it is next on my wishlist with a driver for my new lights :+1:t5:


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hey guys , im first time grower and want to set up grow room in my cellar which is 3m long x2m wide x 1.7m high . how many plants could I grow in that space and is 1.7m from floor to ceiling to low to be able to grow ? do I have the incoming air ducts facing straight out or towards ground ? cheers ben


Firstly welcome to ILGM! Love new people. Whenever you get freedom for posts/more convo. I recommend making a thread. Will get loads more attention. When you do tag me like @ before whoever name , @hendrie69.

Now… That is a nice size space. Loads of things come into mind with that question. I’ll try to answer it simply then go the into more detail. Usually a plant will eat up 2x2 alone. Quick vegged. Decent pot. Adequate light. Well fed. So 3m x 2m… (sorry I’m American n metric dumb) is like 9ft x 6ft? 12 mature ones give or take for walking space.

Loads of questions to be asked though. What kind of medium (soil, coco, hydro)? What kind of lighting (led, hps)? What kinda budget, intentions, goals? What kinda experience u got growing pot? Usually one or two plants is waaaaaaay more then enough for a beginner to get started with.

Anywho again welcome n I hope to see u around


Yeah around 9ft long by 6ft wide . I’ve got Coco premix with perlite and cpl bags of shrilankin Coco and big bag of perlite to be mixed .ive got all equipment except carbon filter though I have a ozone generator will do the job yeah ? I’ve got 4 600w and 400w light with shades and spare globes and ballasts . I’ve got two 2700rpm 150mm inline fans for airflow inwards and a extractor fan of 580cfm plus two green air turbo inline fans that produce 420L per second . I’ve also got all the pots pumps heaters digital timers pH readers water storage and nutrients and have lined the whole room with sizelation reflective liner . My biggest concern is the height from ceiling to floor as it’s only 170cm ( 5ft 7inchs) as the room is a cellar I’ve currently got 3 600w hanging up but I’m worried that they will be too powerful and close to the plants that they will burn them . Do I need three in that space. I’ve got no experience in growing but my father in law has but outdoor plants b not indoor


Last pic of lights on is from outside the cellar.


I want to grow as many as possible in that space but also have biggest yeild possible so less might be more if that make sense