Basic grow kit low budget

A question from a fellow grower:

Hey your site is great love all the info I’m reading me and girl are wanting to grow our own as we spend so much on buying it. Around £150 a week. Was wondering if any of these basic grow kits on eBay etc are actually any good? Only have around £150-£200 to spend so I can’t be fussy but was wondering if they are not any good is there anything else I can do? Planning on doing it in my garage

For my first grow i bought just a tent 1.2x1.2x2.0m and a 250w cfl both from ebay. I did a soil grow with Bergman’s own “Goldleaf” and the results were great. I finished off with a 400w hps globe for the flowering stage (also from ebay) and added a vent fan for the side of the tent and that was about it. soil was a good place to start for me i had a lot to learn and still do but i was looking into some of those kits and i think some of them you might be buying some items that you might not really use. The one’s with the cheap led panels i would probably avoid but then again that is just my opinion. I also used some soil probes to moisture and the ph of the soil. I slowly built up my collection of stuff and am now just trying my first hydro dwc setup.

Good luck in the future

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I paided $500 for a 2x2x5 grow tent that came with a LED light , but you will need to get a few other items to get the right control in the grow tent . So I say start bargain shopping and like the guy said , buy all your items first for your tent , and once you get your accessories , than you can start your grow , now you said you plan on growing in a garage right , that can be challenging in the hot season , if you don’t have cool air to pull inside the tent . Cannabis grows better in about 72-78 degrees , so you will have to supplement cold air some how , but I’ve have about 6 grows behind me , just starting number 7 , but that lil tent has produced some very , very good bud and my biggest yield yet has been about 4.5 ounces from a blueberry and 3.9 from a Amnesia Haze . Now this grow I’m shooting for about 10 ounces , which take time to learn on how to max out your grow space . But by this time next year , you won’t have to buy no more bud , you can definitely be growing your own even on low budget . But if you look around the forum , there are guys growing in 5 gallon buckets they engineered themselves and producing around an ounce and half if not 2 ounces with auto flowers .