Basement ventilation

Hello. I’m a new grower. I have a 8x4x6 grow tent. Im using a spider farms sf4000 LED full spectrum light. I only plan on growing half of the tent for now. If I have success I’ll add another light. I have an infinity 8inch in line fan, carbon filter, and silencer. I need the filter inside to help with odor. I would like to be as discreet as possible . I live in the metro Detroit area. The tent is in my basement. I have glass block windows. Some of them have vents built in. Also there’s the house’s HVAC. My question is should I attempt to exhaust the tent through a window to outside? Or can i just exhaust it back into the basement? Also i hear alot of conflicting opinions on c02 in tents. Any opinions on co2 would be appreciated as well. Thanks

You can vent into the basement as long as you don’t recirculate hot air. Co2 not my style to really have enough co2 to do anything you need to have massive amounts. Usually I see co2 it’s a closed system in a industrial style grow.

I just vent to the farthest point away from my grow closet inside I can and just passively intake mostly as long as you’re basement isnt totally airtight you’ll get circulation fine

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I vent outside in summers to rid the house of heat, inside winters to add heat to the house.

What’s the farthest you can run a 4 in vent? I would like to tie into my dryer vent, but its on the other side of the basement.

So venting back into the basement will not hurt my plants or affect inside air quality?

The only thing you have to worry about is creating a closed loop where the heated air gets sucked back in the tent, gradually increasing the heat to a point where it gets too hot.

I vent my heat into a basement room that is open to the entire basement and the warm air escapes the room, and the cooler air comes back in across the floor. No problems.

I run the vent in between joists that travel into other room and then depending on temps will leave door/s open on closed…like the one at top of stairs etc etc. hot air rises cool air sinks

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