Basement, quasi stealth grow room

Cleaned up my grow area a little bit and took some pictures to send @CodMan, since he’s the money behind setting up the room/equipment.

Have a corner area of my basement sectioned off with tarps (not so stealth I know). At least the tent isn’t beaming someone right in the eyes if they need to go down there. Although, in a week it won’t matter legally. But, theft is always a concern. I’ll leave my alarm system and 110lb dog to watch over that end.

Yeah, most stuff came from Amazon. Free prime shipping :slight_smile:

Even though my whole house is a man-town, it still feels like being a kid with a fort :smirk:


Looking good my friend and yeah I feel the same way about mine lol

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Cool fort, wheres the dog !!

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watching closely…

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Yup that’s a Big Dog !!

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He’s my little baby boy :slight_smile:

And the other 2 guards, Smith and Wesson on standby as well.

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Have 4 dogs 2 in yard 2 in the house need to have a gun or serious set of balls to come in uninvited


You sound safe! Just curious what did the 2 inside do special to be inside? Or was it what the outside 2 did wrong?

or do you rotate them along with your plants? LOL

Roflmao 1 is a leg raiser the other overheats inside have been debating setting up my security cameras too but draws attention so may just put them inside my grow area instead. My last grow was a basement grow miss the space

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