Basement growing

I’m growing in the basement, I got the conditions, temp and humidity where i want them. But I am wondering if I should use pest and mildew control for preventative measures…any takes on this ?

Also, how can I tell the professional advice from fellow newbies?

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The best mildew and mold prevention is temp and humidty control along with plenty of airflow through the canopy. Unfortunately mold spores are everywhere there little we can do to keep them out of the grow room. The best defense is a healthy plant and optimal conditions. You can try things like a sulfur burner as a preventative. :v:
As far as pests best advice I can give is If you take clones ( from others ) quarantine them before introducing them into your grow space, if you have been outside, shower and change your clothes before you enter your grow space
As far as the professional vs newbie , most growers on here are honest about there experience and skills.


We don’t know what state your in, but usually basements are humid, you’ll need to purchase the largest dehumidifier you can afford to to get the the humidity as low as you can get it for flowering. @Eagergrower


Well I have a humidifier in there now because they are only about 2-3 weeks Into veg, and without it, it is dry. Air flow is good. Temp is 65-75. I dont know if I am worrying or if I am seeing mildew stary to form.

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Are you foliar feeding them with anything ? Keep the room above 70 mold likes cooler moist environments


No some droplets of water land on the leaves while watering

I would keep an eye on that , it looks more like a dried water ring to me but Powdery mildew starts in circles. Does it wipe off?


The majority of it did wipe off. I decided to shut the humidifier off and see what happens.

Is it an ultrasonic humidifier?

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I don’t think so

Are you using clones or are these from seed?

Lots of tiny dots all over the leaves

Is it the kind you put water and it puts out “smoke” for lack of a better term ?

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Yeah, that’s the type I use.

Seeds. It looks more like hairs to me

Those type you want to make sure you’re using distilled or RO water . It can atomize the minerals (like calcium) in regular tap water and cause them to settle on surfaces. It might be what your seeing especially if your water has a high ppm.


can u post a picture of your environment? I am new to growing. I am growing in a basement too. we work on lots of houses and I do a lot of work on basements. do you have sump pump? French drains? washer drains in pvc or old timey hole in the floor to drain? old house new house? ceiling height? open ceiling? :grinning:

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Okay. Good tip. Thanks for the input!

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you have a drop ceiling in your basement? are your walls block? painted or not? looks like newer concrete on the floor. do you have central air? we worked on one that had central air the discharge line was pvc ran in the French drain and was so full of mold we cut it off at the furnace and replaced it. mold hides every where and humidity will make it bloom

where is that dryer vented? sorry I saw a dryer vented indoors once and the humidity and lint were extreme indoors. sorry to bug you