Base stem size worry - updated w/pics

Amnesia Haze, 3 weeks old, growing in 3 gal pot with organic soil mix, outdoors in Texas (plenty warm & plenty sunny). No nutrients added yet (was waiting for first 3 weeks). Lightly watering twice a day.

Plants look very good to me. Healthy green with no discolor or curling. 3" tall with 4-5 distinct branching levels. Here’s my worry. The base stem (trunk) is slightly smaller below the first branching than it is above the first branching. In other words, they look top heavy. I’m worried about the strength of their base. Is this normal? Will the base stem thicken up in the next week or so?

When you’re growing outdoors you have to be careful when “lightly watering”. The roots need a deep water to be able to branch out and grow. Light watering sometimes doesn’t reach the bottom, causing your soil to have dry pockets that roots will try to avoid. It will also cause your roots to grow up towards the water, instead of down. Your stem problem could be from under the ground your roots probably aren’t as developed as your leaves and branches. I recommend deep watering.
To solve the problem, water deep, then not again for a few days. And get some support for her as well, a stake or pole would work fine. Hope this helps!



I agree with @ktreez420,

But I would just add a little more soil around. And if possible add a little fan this light brezze wi strengthen her stem
Hope this helps


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Thanks for the replies. The plants look really good otherwise. I think I was unsure when to transition from spray misting the seedlings, to actual root watering at soil level. I’m going to let them dry a little then start the less frequent heavier watering.

Hi Sneed, I am growing the same variety and gold leaf. Mine were started inside from seed on 4/1 then moved outside 5/10.
They are now about 17-20’’. And very healthy. 4 Amnesia and 3 gold leaf.
I noticed the same issue with both varieties and the stem has been slowly becoming more uniform.
No worries for me, probably not for you either.

Hi @Sneed. I had a very similar issue with my Northern Lights Auto. In seedling and early veg stage, the base stem appeared sturdy but was slightly slimmer that the stem above. the problem corrected itself over the course of the grow, and the base is now slightly thicker than the rest of the stem. It may just be something inherent to the variety that you are growing. If you get a sense that the base is not strong enough then stake it. I’d also give some thought to the excellent watering advice I’m reading here. GL and please keep us posted on how things are progressing :slight_smile:

I was just about to mention that same thought.

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Thanks guys. As good as the plants look right now, I’m probably fretting over them too much. I stopped watering 2 days ago & let the soil dry out, then this morning I gave them a good soaking. The key will be monitoring how fast they dry out (this is outdoors in Summer in Texas folks!).


I had the same issue with underwatering and when transpanting from three to five gallon felt pots the roots were growing upward. No shortage of watering now. The girl in the ten gallon pot was getting a gallon a day, she’s ready for havest next week…

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It happens a lot because we hear the horror stories of over watering haha!
Great job @nugsrgood! Can’t wait to see the final pics! I always love seeing everyone’s harvest and how things turned out.

Amnesia Haze 3 1/2 weeks old. Comments, suggestions?

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FYI, I have done no topping/pruning. Think I need to get on that because they look “leggy” to me, but then, first grow, so I’m not sure.

They look great! But you may run into problems later with your roots and your plant becoming root bound from the two competing for space and food.

I would recommend topping if you’re looking for a wider more bushy plant. I always top at least once, but that’s because I only have a 7’ roof to work with, minus the light fixture, minus the bucket. So really I have about 5’ of space for vertical growth.


My intention was to start in this pot & transplant each into it’s own larger pot later. Now I’m scared to transplant them. I guess when it comes to transplanting, the sooner the better?
As far as topping, it would be just to bush them out, as I have no space limitations.

Yea I think definitely the sooner the better for transplant. The more the roots grow and get established the harder it will be to separate them from each other.

I usually wait until they have 6 nodes then top.

Okay another development. (guess I should have done a journal). I just came home from work, and went to check the dryness of my plants, and on one of them pistils (white hairs?) are already appearing. Isn’t it way too early?

Where are you growing at ? My plants are doing the same thing. California coast.