Bar lights vs QB boards?

Ok guys, love the grow light for 4x2 thread been reading that one and doing some research. I’m in the same position upgrading to a 4x4 only want to use 1/2, 2,3 plantts, so 4x2 should work. So what the pros and cons of this bar lights vs QB. I’m New so bare with me, QB boards seem to have way more dio, then the bars, Aren’t dio good ? More the better right ? Also I see on most bar lights people are hanging 6-12 inches from canopy, I’m New using cheap QB boards spider farm 1000, viparspec xs1500 for 2 plants now, and I have them at 14-15 where they have max PPFD values. Going to upgrade light just still so many ? All tips and knowledge is welcomed thanks

Light Bar Quantum Board LEDs since the diodes are grouped and separated on multiple aluminum bars that help dissipate heat away from the diodes/boards. Provide airflow between the bars which helps extend the life of the diodes/boards, spreads the light more evenly and eliminates the hot spot in middle of the fixture.
Plants can be closer to the lights and a better penetration of light.
Pick your Bar Lighting with a good mixture of diodes. Look for newer designs that include UV in the mix.

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Thanks a lot for the reply, and forgive the stupid question but wouldn’t 3 QB led boards that have more dios put out light/PPFD and as long as the divers are the same dose it matter? Is being able to hang light closer without heat the advantage for the bar design? Hanging closer allow better canopy penetration of the of the dios ? Not trying to overwhelm u thanks again

Agreed, all things being equal on the component level, the more diodes equals more PPDF.
Getting a consistent canopy of PPFD is what you are after.
Some would say that the QB LEDs would create hotspots both in the light PPFD footprint and areas of the QB(center) that do not cool as quickly as the edges.

You could use (4) four ‘1000’ watt equivalent leds. (Coverage 2’ x 2’)

(1)one ‘4000’ watt equivalent led. (Coverage area 5’ x 5’.

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The bar lights provide a better spread, unless you do like I do and fill the whole top of the tent with quantum boards (and UVA lights) then that’s a pretty great spread as well.


Thanks so much guys so is the really only advantage of bar light it’s your outside corners of grow area are a little better then a QB board ? Normally both boards and bar lights have same drivers and same dios, just the amount of dios are way less on a bar then board , and boards seem to be more efficient at the micro moles level, and very close to the same PPFD, thanks


Yes, the bar lights will give a more even coverage over the whole canopy and corners where the QB boards will have more light intensity directly below them and less on the edges and corners.