Banana peels NPK 0 3 42

I believe I read somewhere that it was… It was on the internet though lol

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Was looking around for a bag to read label lol.

That’s funny I can’t find the one I had laying around… Gotta get a new one I think…

Gas build up is a part of fermentation. To some point it could be a great fertilizer. Butb if you get gasses find out what gas is coming out and if turns to alcohol .composted banana peel could very for each plant and very time sensitive.

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I took 1 whole banana and sliced it into 1/4 inch slices… peel and stem… then baked it slowly on convection like an air fryer until it was dry on the outside and still had some moisture on the inside…been trying autos… this one is 2x bigger than others before… slightly leggy but looking great. dark green leaves … 2 weeks into flower…

oh yeah… I mixed into my 2 gal pot

and there’s this