Banana peels NPK 0 3 42

Will this work
Read about fertilizers and they say banana peels has a 0 3 42 NPK level. You can either cut the peels and bottle them in water and let stand for weeks or dry them out and put them in the soil…

Will give it a go…


Can’t get much more organic than that… Unless those bananas were grown in a non organic matter… But I’m really interested!!! Please let me know how it goes!!

I’ve always thrown banana peels at bases of my Roses, and it makes a noticeable difference in bloom size and numbers

Awesome. Was doing this with eggshells for outside plants and then forgot about it. Cool. Side note on organics when they say wood ash is that just plain old burnt stick?

He’s going to get mold . don’t do it why take change’s



One other thought, insects are drawn by bananas…

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But not in a jar. Idk I like things u can do with stuff after u use them. Like egg shells. Coffee grounds. Etc. like green onions after I’m done cutting them pop them in water and they grow back.
I’m gonna try the bananas and test for outside plants (squash) too risky for weed untested

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I give. Gonna try for my vegetables. Least it ain’t piss. Serious though. What’s y’all a thoughts on compost tea? Goin to town tomorrow for a bag of happy frog and heard you get a free gallon. Anybody ever use it? Next grow gonna try to keep simple. Happy frog. Water. Maybe some dg grow and bloom.

Put peels in juice bottle with water. Bottle looks like it’s about to explode. Pouring on my squash.

How long was it going for like four days? If there was gas build up the water has the nutrients in it!!? I hope it works if you get good results I might try it for flower on my next batch of clones to come…

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I guess 5 days. Threw some egg shells and eye of newt in as well

I read somewhere online that if your going to use egg shells it’s better to powder them up in a blender first…just a suggestion I did it on my first learning experience because my tap filter takes out my cal/mag and it worked…

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Sounds good. I usually dry them and hand squish them. Kinda hurts

Yeah dude I found out the hard way that egg shells are like glass when crushed or in the process of and had a nice shard sticking out of my palm…the blender works wonders!!! :joy: This time I went with making my own soil with nutes and if there is a cal/mag issue sharing I think I read you can use Epsom salt and I have that already on hand to make things easier…

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If have been using my banana mixture and there u go 2 beautiful ladies, healthy growing, co2 mixture, good light and bobs your uncle…
Great with the Herbs too… :seedling::herb:


How do you mix the Epson salt ?

I believe you just mix it in the water…I’m going to try crushing it first to powder so it mixes better… And I think it’s like 1 table spoon a gallon… Don’t quote me on that though

Ok poured the nana mix on my squash and oh wow. I climbed the stalk up to my roof and found a frisbee. :joy: Naah it actually looked a little better the next day. Got any natural nitrogen tricks? Couple leaves a little yellow Tricks other than pee.

Is Epsom salt organic ?